Your Pal Archie #2 Review: What's Old Is New Again

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Archie Comics seem to be going through a phase right now. The reboot comics seem to be going on hiatus, while the horror comics are (finally) picking up steam again. The digests are still going strong, and there's even a new "classic" series — Your Pal Archie by Ty Templeton and Dan Parent.

Your Pal Archie #2 Review: What's Old Is New Again

Dan's updated classic look is a nice middle ground for people who want an updated Archie and those who prefer the classics. Archie and the gang still retain their vintage looks, but Dan has obviously drawn inspiration from the new Riverdale show. The settings are clear and realistic, and work well with building up a scene or characters. Templeton's storyline is easy to follow, and reminds me of the Harry Lucey days of Archie comics. There's some conflict, but nothing Archie can't get through with a little dumb luck.

If you're new to Archie comics, this is a great miniseries to get your feet wet with. Hopefully this classic miniseries will be the first of many!

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