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Batman #50 cover by Mikel Janin

Advance Review: Batman #50 – Profoundly Unsatisfying [Spoiler-Free]

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The day of Batman and Catwoman's wedding has arrived at last, and the two gather their witnesses and a judge to marry them off at dawn on a rooftop in downtown Gotham. While they prepare, Bruce and Selina individually reminisce about their times together, each other, and how their relationship has developed over […]

Mother Panic/Batman Special #1 cover by Frank Quietly

Mother Panic/Batman Special #1 Review: A Vast Improvement in the Young Animal Crossover

It continues to be a little aimless, if at least a little more interesting this time.[caption id="attachment_788919" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Mother Panic/Batman Special #1 art by Ty Templeton and Keiren Smith[/caption]Ty Templeton’s artwork is subtle and detailed It’s somewhat less heavily detailed compared to common art styles in comics[...]

2017 Joe Shuster Awards Honor Canadian Comics Creativity

First established is 2004, the awards serve to recognize the works of Canadians home or abroad for their outstanding achievements in the creation of comic books, graphic novels, and webcomics and are named after pioneering Canadian artist Joe Shuster, who created the iconic super-powered hero Superman with Jerry Siegel.Here are your 2017 Joe Shuster Awards recipients...congratulations to[...]

your pal archie

Your Pal Archie #2 Review: What's Old Is New Again

The digests are still going strong, and there's even a new "classic" series — Your Pal Archie by Ty Templeton and Dan Parent.Dan's updated classic look is a nice middle ground for people who want an updated Archie and those who prefer the classics Archie and the gang still retain their vintage looks, but Dan has[...]

The Inspiration Of Peter Repovski

Courtesy of Kraig Alexander, Ty Templeton and my own two eyes.As Templeton states, I've been to the website, and there are TONS of full out swipes there I recognize only one image swiped from me, but many swiped from Timm, a few swipes from Romita, Buscema, etc The entire "art gallery" is a plagiarism celebration[...]

Ty Templeton Shows Us Bob Kane's Batman… But What About Frank D. Fosters?

Over on his website Ty Templeton has chimed in on the get Bill Finger a Google Doodle campaign with a quick little cartoon illustrating what Batman would have been without Finger's involvement I'm sure Bob Kane would have come up with a few more things.. but this is pretty funny.You can see the rest here.Rich adds: Of course there[...]

Jean-Marc Lofficier On The Consequences Of The Gary Friedrich Decision

Apologies.]: With permission, I'm quoting key points my dear friend and own legal advisor/contract consultant (since 1992) Jean-Marc Lofficier raised on his posts to a Yahoo forum discussing Ty Templeton's cartoon concerning the Gary Friedrich v Marvel judgment Jean-Marc succinctly notes WHY this judgment has changed EVERYTHING for anyone who has worked for Marvel, or[...]

DC To Release Elseworlds Eighty Page Giant… Finally

Or, from DC's point of view at the time, because it had been hardly published.I was also told that objections went beyind the Superbaby-in-the-microwave scene, but to Mark Waid and Ty Templeton's recasting of the Garden of Eden with Batman and Eve, Batman known as "Adam" in a very sixties TV style way...Anyway, twelve years[...]

Sunday Trending Topics: Okey-Dokey, Loki

An excellent Thor-in-four-panels by Ty Templeton Ty previously had pretty damn funny takes on the Granito saga, Charlie Sheen, and.. well, you may as well go check out his website while you're at it.I think Templeton's work first came to my attention a long time ago due to a favorable nod from comics-reviewing ironman[...]