Prepare for 24-Hour Comic Day With New Survival Guide

By David Dissanayake


Every year, the first Saturday in October is 24-Hour Comic Day.  Started by the great Scott McCloud, 24HCD is a massive international event where participants are challenged to create a 24 page comic in exactly 24 hours.  A considerable challenge to be sure, and most don't finish in time.  Luckily, now there is a free, really helpful, 24-Hour Comic Day Survival Guide to help you prepare and strategize for the big day.

Created by Nathan Vargas and Anthony Francis of Blitz Comics, the guide is a phenomenal help in planning out your 24 Hour process.  If you've ever done 24HCD before, you know just how challenging it really is.  The survival guide is a serious help that gives you tips and tricks for character creation, plotting, thumbnailing, planning and tracking your time expenditures, and much more.

The Survival Guide was born out of Nathan and Anthony's three year long failure streak, which is what makes it so interesting.  The guide is rooted in first hand experience of the common obstacles and pitfalls of the process that so many people encounter every year, helping to provide a better understanding of them while also providing clear road maps around them.

Honestly, it's a great little resource for thinking about making comics in general, not just the 24 hour challenge.

Go check it out, and get practicing now for the big day.

David Dissanayake is Senior San Francisco Correspondent at Bleeding Cool.  Give him a shout on Twitter @dwdissanayake

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