Review: Transformers: All Hail Megatron #12 By Shane McCarthy And Guido Guidi for IDW


Do you think Michael Bay's Transformers 2 has a strong pro-gays-in-the-military subtext? What you haven't seen it let alone considered it? Well go, come back again and we'll talk.


So what do you think?

You still don't see it? Well, when you have all those tough soldier army dudes standing alongside Autobots, and they consider them as fellow soldiers above everything else, treating them no differently than a fellow human soldier? Willing to go to bat for them, to die for them even.

Well, I think the film is saying that if an American soldier can do that for a robot, they can do that for a gay as well. Without any fear that someone's going to be reaching for their exhaust pipe.

Anyway, the focus of the film was on the humans. That's what big movies need. But fans of the comic know that actually, that's a load of giant metal balls, it's all about the robots. And this book is mostly that. Buig robots kicking the shit out of each other across New York and pulling one classic monument shot I've never seen before and Michael Bay is wishing right now that he's thought of first. Should have been a splash page though.

Aside from that, the focus will be on the big Optimus Prime/Megatron hand to hand combat fight scene. I'm not sure the grand scake comes across but a Secret Invasion-style scene scene followed by a fantastic rfally appeals, and the comic does address the long term consequences of, well, staging a battle between the biggest macines of destruction in amidst some the most expensive real estate on the planet. There are also several betrayals and betrayal of betrayals that serve to sink the knife deeper.

The one regret is that this book doesn't love up to the propaganda style imagery of much of its covers. The art is certainly professional but it doesn't have the iconic, piercing spirit such a comic may have had. But enough of what could have been. Sometimes all you need is to see one big naked robot hit another,. then roll around on top of jutting out buildings.


Transformers: All Hail Megatron #4 by Shane McCarthy and Guido Guidi published today by IDW.

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