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Michael Bay

Michael Bay Signs Development Deal With Sony Pictures

Michael Bay is going back to Sony Pictures. The studio got gave him his start as a director with 1995's Bad Boys has signed a multiyear first look deal with Bay for both television and film properties. His next film will be Sony Pictures Black Five, which is an original story by Michael Bay himself. […]

5 Asian Movies to Watch on Netflix

5 Asian Movies to Watch on Netflix During Isolation

You're in self-isolation and going stir-crazy. You're scrolling through your Netflix queue. You've already burned through all the hyped-up shows and movies. The hyped movies are always Hollywood and in English, even though they hoover up a lot of really good foreign titles. There's a frighteningly huge inventory of Asia and European movies on Netflix, […]

Dwayne Johnson: The Rock's Top 5 Movies to Stream Now

Dwayne Johnson: The Rock's Top 5 Movies to Stream Now

Dwayne Johnson, or The Rock as some of us will always know him, is awesome. Sorry, I am a fan. In this age of franchises and IP takeovers, he really is a throwback to the MOVIE STAR. How many actors or actresses can generate the type of excitement Dwayne Johnson can these days. From his […]

The Purge TV Show Still

"The Purge" Season 2 Teases Return in October to USA Network

The Purge is returning to the USA Network this October for a second season of mayhem and violence. Quick fans of The Purge, how familiar does that mask look? Check out the quick teaser, posted this morning on the Blumhouse twitter, teases what is to come. Does crime exist beyond the siren? Find out when […]

Transformers Masterpiece Movie Series Jazz Figure Up For Order Now

Transformers Masterpiece Movie Series Jazz Figure Up For Order Now

Transformers collectors can add a new Masterpiece figure to their collection this fall, when Autobot Jazz joins the line. This is based on his appearance in the first film from 2007. This figure features 47 points of articulation and is made up of plastic and die-cast pieces. You can even split him in two to […]

Last Ship

TNT Dry Docking 'The Last Ship' After 5 Seasons at Sea

It appears that the last ship has sailed for TNT action-drama series The Last Ship; with network head Kevin Reilly confirming after the Turner upfront presentation on Wednesday that the show's upcoming fifth season would be its last. TNT has yet to set a Season 5 premiere date for the Hank Steinberg/Steven L. Kane series, but one […]

Paramount Has Found Their Live-Action Dora The Explorer, Isabela Moner

Honestly, I keep forgetting this Dora The Explorer live-action is a real film and not just a Michael Bay fever dream. That said, there are no doubt adults who grew up with the young adventurer and her pals excited to see the cartoon translated into a feature film. It was announced today that the Paramount production has at […]

Dora The Explorer

Dora the Explorer Live-Action Film Gets an Official Release Date

Be proud I didn't lead this one with MICHAEL BAY'S DORA THE EXPLORER, because I was really close to doing that, as Bay's Platinum Dunes studio is producing the flick for Paramount. But yes, seriously, there is going to be a live-action Dora the Explorer film coming, and we finally know when it'll be arriving in […]

michael bay lobo

Michael Bay's Lobo, Coming Soon to a DCEU Near You?

Because you demanded it, Warner Bros. is apparently moving forward with a Lobo movie directed by Hollywood's Main Man, Michael Bay. Bay, who is best known for destroying the childhoods of Transformers fans with Transformers and its approximately 57 sequels, has reportedly already met with DC and given story notes to Wonder Woman writer Jason […]

Paramount Says "Vámonos" to Michael Bay's Live Action Dora The Explorer Movie

The latest beloved classic children's cartoon to get a live action reboot is… Dora the Explorer?! And Michael Bay is producing it?!?! Michael Bay has targeted a new generation in his quest to destroy the childhoods of everyone in the world by remaking their favorite childhood cartoons as mindless live action Summer blockbusters, according to […]

Drone Swarm Is Getting A Graphic Novel And TV Series From Michael Bay

This is a bit of a weird one. This week, stillalive studios and remote control productions GmbH (RCP) announced that they are partnering with Michael Bay's 451 Media Group to collectively develop the forthcoming sci-fi strategy game Drone Swarm as original graphic novel and a long form TV series for broadcast and/or streaming services. Which […]

Transformers 'Bumblebee' Spinoff Has A New Cast Member – And His Name Is John Cena!

Over the course of five movies, cinematic terrorist Michael Bay has systematically destroyed the childhoods of millions of Transformers fans, and while Bay is done directing the films, he has reportedly planned out fourteen more entries in the franchise, ensuring that fan childhoods will continue to be terrorized for potentially decades to come. The situation […]

Mark Wahlberg Doesn't Think Michael Bay Is Done With 'Transformers'

This shouldn't be that surprising but here we are. Director Michael Bay might not be as done with the Transformers series as he said. Bay previously said that the third movie was his last but they've been making a big deal about this being his last movie. Star Mark Wahlberg talked to ComicBook.com about Transformers: […]

Future Transformers Sequel To Be Worst Thing To Ever Happen In Ancient Rome

The ancient Roman Empire was a place where Christians were fed to lions in front of stadium crowds, where Nero fiddled while Rome burnt, where Donald Trump was stabbed in a park, and where Caligula ruled, but the worst is yet to come, according to reports about the future of the Transformers franchise. In a new […]

Transformers: The Last Knight Final Trailer (Maybe)

Transformers: The Last Knight Final trailer?  Maybe, but the film iss heading into theaters on June 21, which makes me think we'll be seeing quite a few more more clips, tv spots, and featurettes between now and then, at the very least.  I'm reminded again recently by Jude Terror's post about the running length rumors of […]

Hasbro Has A Slew Of New Transformers: The Last Knight Robots Coming

Transformers: The Last Night is coming to theaters June 21, and as one would imagine, plenty of toys are coming as well. While initial waves have already hit stores, there are plentiful amounts of others on the way. Personally, I can't wait to get my hands on Skullitron and Nitro. AND LOOK AT THAT CYBERTRON […]