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Hasbro Open Up Fan-Vote for Next Fortnite Victory Royale Figure 
It has felt like Hasbro's Fortnite Victory Royale Series has come to a standstill, with not a lot of movement in the line The first set of figures were pretty fantastic just from the detail, articulation, and design alone Whether you're a Fortnite fan or not, these figures are the perfect army builders for any[...]
Transformers x Top Gun Maverick Mash-Up Bot Returns with an Upgrade
In celebration of the long-awaited sequel film Top Gun: Maverick, Hasbro has announced the retro of their Transformers crossover figure The popular jet, Grumman F-14 Tomcat, is back, but as a  from the Transformers bot This is a simple reissue, but to make things more interesting, Maverick will be updated with new packing as well[...]
Hasbro Reveals Final Transformers Wreck N’ Rule Figure with Twin Twist
The final Transformers Wreck N' Rule figure is here as Hasbro announces Diaclone Universe Twin Twist finishes the set Inspired by classic Takara Tomy Diaclone colors, Twin Twist is ready to join Wreckers Crew in style His classic Drill Tank mode returns, and he can be converted in just 18 steps As for accessories, Hasbro[...]
Transformers Wreck N’ Rule Bulkhead is Here and Prepares for War 
Another Transformers Wrecker crew member is on the scene as Hasbro debuts their Wreck N' Rule Autobot Bulkhead This marks the fourth figure in the new Amazon Exclusive collection with connecting artwork and parts Bulkhead is ready to join the fight with a brand new figure that features his Military Van Mode, which he can[...]
Hasbro Reveals New Transformers Takara Tomy Figure with Trailbreaker 
Hasbro has revealed the newest Transformers Takara Toy Masterpiece figure imported directly from Japan The Autobot Cybertron Warrior Trailbreaker is making his way to the battlefield with a highly detailed and articulated figure Trailbreaker will come in his original Japanese packaging and will even include Japanese instruction to keep him as close to his original[...]
Pre-Orders Arrive For Disney+ Obi-Wan Kenobi The Black Series Figure 
Hopefully, The Hasbro team is smart and gives us some of these Inquisitors in the Star Wars: The Black Series line Pre-orders for the new Obi-Wan Kenobi figure are live right here for $24.99 and he is set to release Q1 2023, but wouldn't be surprised to see a Winter 2022 release.  #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item[...]
Transformers Wreck N’ Rule Autobot Springer Revealed from Hasbro 
Hasbro continues their Transformers Wreckers collection with yet another Generations Legacy Wreck 'N Rule set Unlike previous sets, this is a solo release as Autobot Springer with double transforming modes Springer will convert into a helicopter in 29 steps as well as a off-load vehicle in just 25 steps Both Transformers vehicle modes have weapons[...]
LEGO Fully Transforming Optimus Prime For New Transformers Line
The LEGO Group and Hasbro are creating the first combined fully-transforming LEGO Transformers line, beginning with Optimus Prime This is the first time Hasbro and LEGO have worked together, in what they are dubbing "Engaging Brick Mode". Transformers Optimus Prime from LEGO and Hasbro The LEGO Optimus Prime set includes over 1,500 LEGO pieces and stands over[...]
Transformers Legacy Wreck ‘N Rule Collection G2 Universe Arrives
The Wreckers Collection continues to grow as Hasbro reveals their next Wreck N' Rule 2-Pack figure set These Autobots are some of the toughest around and will easily put a dent in any Decepticon assault Hasbro recently revealed that Amazon would be getting five exclusive Wreck N' Rule sets, with the first one being Impactor[...]
Transformers Legacy Wreck ‘N Rule Impactor and Spindle Set Arrives
Hasbro has called in backup from one of the roughest and toughest Autobot warriors around with the Wreckers Spindle and Impactor are ready to complete their mission and take down any Decepticon in their path as Hasbro reveals their new Transformers Legacy Wreck 'N Rule Collection Comic Universe set Both Transformers bots will feature a[...]
Star Wars The Modal Nodes Arrive at Hasbro with The Black Series
It is time to party on Garth as Hasbro has announced The Modal Nodes are coming to Star Wars: The Black Series The all-Bith band was introduced to Star Wars fans in A New Hope with their infamous Mod Eisley Cantina Theme Hasbro has revealed that two members of the band are coming to the[...]
New Star Wars Darth Vader Replica Helmet Debuts from Hasbro 
The Dark Side rises once again as Hasbro reveals their new and powerful Star Wars: The Black Series replica Darth Vader's helmet is back with a new updated release from his appearance in the upcoming Disney+ series, Obi-Wan Kenobi The replica helmet is the same as its previous release with three connecting parts with a[...]
Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Force FX Lightsaber Revealed by Hasbro 
Hasbro has announced that a new Force FX Lightsaber is on the way with upgraded features and looks A new weathered design has been focused on here to capture Obi-Wan Kenobi's time on Tatooine A swappable emitter will be included to allow for blade-in and blade-out displays LED features are of course included as well[...]
Hasbro Exclusive Star Wars Clone Trooper Army Building 4-Pack Arrives
It is time to turn these Clankers into scrap metal as Hasbro reveals their newest Star Wars army building set We return back to the Republic Era with the new Star Wars The Vintage Collection Clone Trooper 4-Pack set These figures are a simple re-release giving fans three standard white armored Clone Troopers and Blue[...]
New Star Wars: The Black Series Revealed with Leia and Security Droid
Hasbro has revealed some new Star Wars: The Black Series figures are on the way Two series are showcased here with The Mandalorian and Return of the Jedi Both figures are expected to release at the beginning of 2023, but it seems that Hasbro has been extending all of these release dates just as a[...]