What We Want For Star Wars Rebels Black Series Wave 2

What We Want For The Star Wars Rebels Black Series Wave 2 from Hasbro

Hasbro surprised fans this week with the long awaited addition to the Star Wars: Rebels figure line The final member of the team, Zeb, is ready for action and awaiting the Ghost Crew You can check out all about the upcoming Zeb figure here On top of his announcement, Hasbro did reveal that fans and[...]

Transformers Optimus Prime is Ready to Roll Out with Threezero

Transformers Optimus Prime is Ready to Roll Out with Threezero

Hasbro and Threezero have teamed up to bring fans and collectors another Transformers premium figure Coming out of the newest Transformers movie, Bumblebee, Optimus Prime has arrived This figure will feature his more iconic retro look just like we saw on screen The figure is quite massive as he comes in at 19 inches tall[...]

Hasbro Announces Star Wars: Rebels Black Series Re-Release

Hasbro Announces Star Wars: Rebels Black Series Re-Release

Hasbro has officially announced the return of the Ghost Crew from the hit animated series Star Wars: Rebels Earlier today we saw that the last member Zeb would finally be getting his own Black Series figure We saw a teaser that the other Rebels would be getting new updated packages and it is true, all[...]

Star Wars: Rebels Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios Coming Soon from Hasbro

Star Wars: Rebels Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios Coming Soon from Hasbro

Well, today is that day as Hasbro finally has unveiled Garazeb Orrelios aka Zeb will be coming this August This figure will be a deluxe action figure and will be featured in the new Star Wars: The Black Series packaging which we talk about here This bigger box is necessary for this bigger figure which[...]

Hasbro Changes Star Wars The Black Series Packaging in Newest Wave

Hasbro Changes Star Wars The Black Series Packaging in Newest Wave

Hasbro has already shown off some of the upcoming Star Wars: The Black Series figures However, they did not mention that the iconic black and red box is being retired and the new packaging is on its way New images that have been released that feature this new resigned box and updated glam of the[...]

Star Wars Black Series Count Dooku from Hasbro is Here

Star Wars Black Series Count Dooku from Hasbro is Here

Count Dooku seems to feature the new Hasbro photo technology capturing Christopher Lee’s likeness is on the head sculpt quite well His cape is fabric and a little bit bigger than you would expect as it drapes over his arms more than you would want IThis allowed for some extra magic to pose him to[...]

Marvel Legends Are Revealed During Hasbro Pulse Live Stream

Marvel Legends Are Revealed During Hasbro Pulse Live Stream

Marvel Legends were revealed today during a live stream by the Hasbro design team Included in the reveals were the final figures in the upcoming Spider-Man vintage ToyBiz carded line, some new glam shots of Apocalypse from the Age of Apocalypse line and the new deluxe War Machine comic figure New reveals also included a[...]

GI Joe Special With McFarlane Art CGC 9.6 ComicConnect Auction Ending

GI Joe Special With McFarlane Art CGC 9.6 ComicConnect Auction Ending

Hasbro is reviving the toy line by giving Joe collectors what we have always wanted: six-inch GI Joe figures More figure announcements are expected over the summer, and the vintage Real American Hero line is starting to climb up as well Interest in the Joes hasn't been this high in a while, and it is[...]

Transformers Takara Tomy God Neptune from Hasbro Pulse

Transformers Beast Wars II God Nepture Rises with Hasbro Pulse

Hasbro Pulse is giving Transformers fans another blast from the past with their next Generation figure From the 1998 Japanese Transformers Animated Cartoon, Beast Wars II, God Neptune has arrived This figure will be sent directly from Japan in his original packaging and will also include Japanese language instructions The figure will also feature authentic[...]

Hasbro Plasma Series

Let's Take A Look At Hasbro's Ghostbusters Plasma Series Figures

Hasbro announced last August that they had purchased the master toy license for the franchise, and instantly one of the most anticipated lines for fans would be a Marvel Legends-style 6 inch line of figures We had to wait until February for news, and at New York Toy Fair Hasbro announced the Ghostbusters Plasma Series[...]

Power Rangers Morpher Set Walmart 3

Power Rangers Getting Exclusive Hasbro Collectibles at Walmart

Hasbro Pulse had their Fan Friday event which included some new Power Rangers collectibles More collectibles are heading our way but this time they are Walmart exclusives First up is a new Lightning Collection 2-pack featuring Mighty Morphin Power Rangers icons Alpha and Zordon This 6 inch scale figure set is highly detailed and must[...]

Transformers Takara Tomy Masterpiece MP-51 Arcee from Hasbro

Transformers Masterpiece Arcee Races on in with Hasbro Pulse

Hasbro is bringing Transformers fans back to the original Generation 1 with their newest release This time the one and only Arcee is getting her very own Takara Tomy Masterpiece figure Sporting her hot pink color, Arcee is ready to take the fight to the Decepticons with this stunning figure She will be directly imported[...]

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Mighty Morphin Putty Patrollers 2-Pack (Hasbro Pulse Exclusive)

Hasbro Announces New Power Rangers Lightning Collection Figures

Hasbro Pulse has unveiled some new Power Ranger Lightning Collection Figures are headed our way One of the designers behind the magic has shown them off during a reveal video You will be able to find the video located here if you want to check it out yourself The first reveal was a new 2-pack[...]


Hasbro Wants Fans to Vote in the Next Star Wars Archive Figure

Hasbro has opened up polls for fans to vote on the next Star Wars The Black Series Archive Collection This figure will be released in the next wave of Archive figures in 2021 If applicable the figure will be updated with Photo Real technology making them closer to their on screen look Voting will last[...]


My Little Pony Applejack Becomes Human with Hasbro and Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya and Hasbro do it again and are bringing another My Little Pony to life This time the lovely Applejack Pony is putting on her hat and only two boots with her new human Bishoujo statue Applejack has taken some time away from Sweet Apple Acres and is ready to shine in your collection The[...]

GI JOE Classified Series - Posed 2

Snake Eyes G.I. Joe Classified Figure Officially Announced By Hasbo

Joe Classified line from Hasbro While most fans kind of suspected it when the fifth figure in the first wave wasn't being revealed right away, today Hasbro confirmed it That means the first wave of highly anticipated G.I Joe Classified figures will include the new figure, Duke, Scarlett, Roadblock, and Destro He, of course, already[...]


Hasbro Teams Up With Pandora To Create Playlists For Their Games

Hasbro, board game and card game industry great, has teamed up with Pandora, a web-based song streaming service, to create twelve playlists, each corresponding to a particular one of their games The initiative, aptly called "Bring Home the Fun with Sound On", is meant to bring family-friendly yet thematic music to the ears of gamers.[caption[...]

Transformers Takara Tomy Masterpiece MP-39+ Spinout Pre-order $114.99

Transformers Diaclone Returns with Masterpiece Spinout Figure Release

The series moved around and by 1984 Hasbro turned the car-robot series into Transformers with the rest being history Hasbro is bringing back the Diaclone that started it all with Takara Toy Masterpiece figure Spinout Spinout was the predecessor to Sunstreaker and for the first time, he is coming to the states in his original[...]


Spider-Man Vintage Collection Kingpin Revealed by Hasbro

The figure is nicely designed and Hasbro does right to bring that signature cartoon stylings to life. The Marvel Legends Spider-Man Vintage Collection Kingpin figure captures the iconic villain perfectly The updated sculpt and the packaging combine two great features in one The packaging is so delightful that it would be hard for me to even[...]

Tranformers 7 will release in 2022. Credit Paramount Pictures

Transformers Returns To Theaters In June 2022

More seriously, though, Paramount and Hasbro would be wise to continue the story from Bumblebee, far and away from the best of the live-action films and one that both fans and critics loved While not the box office behemoth the other Transformers film's have been, it featured a strong story and even stronger acting, both[...]