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Transformers Reboost and Skids Roll Out As New Hasbro Releases
Hasbro has revealed two new Takara Tomy Masterpiece Transformers figures with Autobot Skids and Reboost Imported directly from Japan, these classic bots feature authentic design and deco as well as original packaging and instructions Reboost is based on the Diaclone No 6 Honda City R and is fully jointed and includes a great set of[...]
Transformers Decepticon Jetfire Receives Life-Action  threezero Figure
Fans of the film will not want to miss out on this incredible Transformers figure that will be a highlight to any fan's collection. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Credit: threezero Credit: threezero "The ancient Decepticon Seeker who chose to side with[...]
Unboxing A Power Rangers Box From Hasbro: Lightning Collection & More
Of course, the main event is Hasbro, which has their popular Lightning Collection going with no sign of stopping Joining the line now, though, are figures from the series Power Rangers: Dino Fury To help celebrate the release of these figures, Hasbro was kind enough to send over a killer box of all of them[...]
Star Wars The Vintage Collection Fan Vote Arrives From Hasbro
The Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest was a huge hit, giving fans and collectors a closer look at upcoming products One of the biggest announcements outside of reveals was Hasbro putting the power in the hands of the fans They have announced their first Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Vote from the Vault event The event[...]
My Little Pony Reveals New Siblings Characters For Siblings Day
Credit Hasbro/Netflix It Sounds Like A Cool New Era For My Little Pony "In the new movie, the pony world of Equestria has lost its magic Friendship and Harmony have been replaced by paranoia and mistrust, and Ponies now live separated by species Sunny — a feisty and idealistic young Earth Pony — is convinced there's still[...]
Become An Star Wars X-Wing Pilot With New Collectibles From Hasbro
Some of the biggest toy reveals were located inside the Star Wars panel of the Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest We have already seen some incredible Black Series, and Vintage collection figure reveals However, figures were not the only things that were announced, and replica and vehicle collectibles make the panel as well All are related[...]
Star Wars Vintage Collection Gaming Greats Figures Revealed
Hasbro has announced their there popular GameStop exclusive Star Wars Gaming Greats collection is coming to The Vintage Collection Expanding outside the realm of GameStop, Hasbro is bringing iconic characters from the Star Wars game world to life in an amazing 3.75" format Three games are getting the special treatment, with the Shadow Trooper from[...]
Hasbro Gives Fans A Closer Look At New Star Wars Black Series Figures
Hasbro stays true to their Star Wars pipeline reveals as they give fans a closer look at their already announced figures The last time Hasbro told us about these figures, there was nothing but a name, but now there is a figure to show off Five figures were revealed covering a variety of Star Wars[...]
New Star Wars Vintage Collection Figures Revealed At Hasbro Fan Fest
We return to a galaxy far, far away as Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest starts their anticipated Star Wars panel The panel kicked off with the widely popular Star Wars: The Vintage Collection as new figures are released With the growing popularity of the 3.75" figure line, Hasbro wants to bring back classic figures but with[...]
Mighty Morphin Metallic Power Rangers Coming From Hasbro
It seems that Hasbro can get nit travel fans outside of the world of the Mighty Morphin's Power Rangers as they unveiled new Metallic Rangers These Rangers are part of the Lightning Collection and feature a new metallic deco for each character Hasbro has already released a Metallic Pink Ranger, and now the rest of[...]
Transformers Shattered Glass Hits Hasbro Pulse With Exclusive Figure
You can not have a Hasbro Pulse event without at least one exclusive reveal, and Blurr is here to save the day Hasbro has announced the start of the Shattered Glass storyline that is coming to life, showing the twisted story of the evil Autobot face off against the heroic Decepticons AutoBot Blurr kicks off[...]
Hasbro Reveals Transformers Tricranius Beast Power Collection
The power of the Fossilizer Transformers bots continues as Hasbro Pulse reveals a new collection pack Tricranius returns with brand new figures featuring a bright red and orange lava paint scheme The Transformers figure gets his own special pack with this Beast Power Fire Blasts Collection that includes 19 accessories of attachable blast effects Collectors[...]
New Transformers War For Cybertron Kingdom Figures Debut At Hasbro
The next wave of Transformers War For Cybertron: Kingdom figures have been revealing during Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest The wave is pretty massive as we already saw some big league figures like Rodimus Prime and Galvatron This time we are getting the basic wave 6" scale figures who gave into their primal states with Scorponok,[...]
Trasnformers Galvatron and Rodimus Prime Prepare For War With Hasbro
Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest reveals continue with more Transformers reveals as we get into some pricer and bigger bot reveals Both figures feature G1 inspired designs for the new War for Cybertron: Kingdom line of figures The headstone Rodimus converts to racer mode in just 34 steps and will come with a truck trailer loaded[...]