Batman #25 Review: The Riddler And Joker Team Up To Wreak Havoc

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batman #25

The Riddler is one of my favorite Batman rogues. His brains and penchant for riddles are what drew me in initially. The Joker is at the other end of that spectrum for me. He is not, and never will be, one of my favorite villains. That's not to say he isn't appreciated — I just like Nygma (and Ivy, and Catwoman) more. The Joker is a smart villain, as well, but he relies too much on excessive violence. I'm also not over that whole Killing Joke thing. In the upcoming Batman #25, the two join forces to take down the Batman.


With the creative team of Tom King and Mikel Janin behind the wheel, I'm not worried. King is an exceptional writer, and in Batman #25 we take a peek inside of Batman's mind as he tells us how the Riddler and Joker got together in order to bring down the Batman. It's pretty trippy. The Joker lost his sense of humor, and riddles no longer intrigue Riddler. They soon realize the only thing that will bring them peace is bringing down the Bat.

Janin's art style is eerily beautiful. His artistic take on Joker is wonderfully creepy. His long, foreboding face shows just how hardened the Joker has become. Riddler is a lot more human, and in some ways resembles Michael Fassbender. I love how detailed his people are. He's captured the look and feel of these characters with his art, and I'm excited to read this upcoming story arc.

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