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SDCC Gossip About Substack Comics - Nick Spencer No Longer On Staff
The following January that saw Tom King & Elsa Charretier, Brian K Vaughan & Niko Henrichon, Khary Randolph & Joanne Starer, Rodney Barnes, Jen Bartel, and Grant Morrison join Since then many projects have been launched and published with a dedicated Substack comics reading app. So I looked into the latest gossip, and this is what[...]
Dark Crisis Adds Super Swamp Thing, Ram V, Mark Waid & Alex Paknadel
Joshua Williamson, Daniel Sampere, Jeremy Adams, Meghan Fitzmartin, Tom King and Ram V were joined by moderator and DC executive editor Ben Abernathy to discuss what's happened in Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths up until now and things to come. Writer Ram V announced that he—alongside Joshua Williamson, and two of Ram's White Noise studio mates[...]
DC Publish Tom King & Josh Adams' Tribute To Neal Adams This Week
It is written by Tom King and drawn by son of Neal Adams, former contributor to Bleeding Cool, and Pulitzer-Prize winner Josh Adams. DC Publish Tom King & Josh Adams' Tribute To Neal Adams This Week The three-page story sees Neal Adams talking to his own creation Deadman about the art of imagination and the imagination of[...]
DC Comics Give Comic Shops Additional Discount On Batman One More Day
"One Bad Day" echoes the Killing Joke line (and uses the Killing Joke title font) where The Joker believes it only takes one bad day to turn someone into a monster, whether that's the Joker or the Batman. August's Batman: One Bad Day – The Riddler is the first of eight Batman: One Bad Day one-shots,[...]
Tom King Finally Gives Batman And Catwoman What He Promised (Spoilers)
But then you probably guessed that. Tom King has said that his run on Batman, from 2016 to 2019, was the story of Batman and Catwoman A year into his run, with Batman #24, he specifically got David Finch to draw this proposal scene, even firing his own editor, to do so The huge sales that[...]
Exclusive Look At Tom King & Mitch Gerads' Batman One Bad Day Riddler
Batman: One Bad Day: The Riddler: Dreadful Reins by Tom King and Mitch Gerads is the first in a series of graphic novellas from DC Comics, each featuring one of Batman's rogue gallery, in the manner of Batman: The Killing Joke by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland Like the Killing Joke, each is a 64-page story, the[...]
Tom King & Elsa Charretier's Love Everlasting.
What could be better than reading Love Everlasting, the creator-owned series by Tom King and Elsa Charretier, for free on Substack? How about paying to read it in analog form from Image Comics? Okay, you know what, we may not have thought that one fully through, but it's too late to back out of this[...]
Auto Draft
Artist Mitch Gerads tweeted out the news, of a Riddler graphic novella, Batman: One Bad Day, drawn by him, written by Tom King He tweeted "#BatmanOneBadDay THE RIDDLER, a 64 page OGN by @TomKingTK and myself! My genuine long-time dream book, and @TomKingTK delivered the absolute perfect script for it I've never been this excited[...]
Human Target Gets Prequel One-Shot from DC Black Label in August
Human Target by Tom King and Greg Smallwood may be taking a break from March to September, but fans looking for a little more PTSD in comic book form can look forward to a brief respite in August with the publication of Tales of the Human Target, a prequel one-shot that will get you in[...]
Free Substack Comics Day - Grant Morrison, Brian K Vaughan & Tom King
This one is always free to read (and for mature spectators only). Everlasting Productions by Elsa Charretier and Tom King: Elsa and Tom make available the latest issue of their always-free new series, LOVE EVERLASTING. Glass Eye Studios by Khary Randolph and Joanne Starer: Khary and Joanne debut the first full issue of their always-free new series, SIRENS OF THE CITY. Tales From the[...]
Rorschach Creative Team Reunites for Danger Street on DC Black Label
DC Comics has told retailers that all their orders for Danger Street by Tom King, Jorge Fornes, and Dave Stewart, have been cancelled The new DC Black Label 12-issue series was described as "a deeply layered crime drama featuring reimagined and updated versions of some of DC's most obscure and offbeat superheroes, from the DC 1st[...]
Dark Crisis Superman by Tom King and Chris Burnham
With Tom King and Chris Burnham working on Dark Crisis: Worlds Without A Justice League: Superman #1 While Brandon Thomas, Chuck Brown and Fico Ossio do the same in a back-up strip for Aquaman Poor Aquaman, has to share his main title with another Aquaman and si now relegated to a backup strip. Pariah The Great[...]
Batman Killing Time Shows Difference Between Bruce Wayne & Jace Fox
This week sees the second episode of what is already being seen as a perennial Batman comic book for DC Comics, Batman: Killing Time by Tom King and David Marquez It has the feeling of a new Long Halloween about it Even if it is half the size of a standard Tom King volume. #gallery-1 { margin:[...]
Scott Snyder Shows Who Separates His Batman From Tom King's Batman
In his most recent Substack newsletter, as well as noting scenes in the recent The Batman movie that may have come from his work with Greg  Capullo on the Batman comic book, Scott Snyder also shared his thoughts on the use of Catwoman in the movie, and how it illuminates his own Batman work –[...]
Too Much Coffee Man Bargain About To Be Had At Auction
Wiley Akins, Tom King, Ashley Underwood, Walt Holcombe, and Rob Bostick stories and art Not listed in Overstreet. Too Much Coffee Man explores issues of politics and the toils of urban society, often through the lens of the comics scene and coffee shop culture In addition to the titular character, the creator of the strip often[...]