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Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow As Phoenix?
The first, Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow #2 by Tom King and Bilquis Evely sees her take a special kind of Red Kryptonite Classically shown to cause odd behavior or bizarre transformations, albeit temporary and non-fatal, the effects of red kryptonite typically last anywhere from one to two days And Supergirl has her own explanation for[...]
Rorscah - Who Killed Osama Bin Laden?
This week sees the tenth issue of Rorschach #10, the unauthorised sequel to Watchmen by Tom King and Jorge Fornes being published by DC Comics Which included another dive into the alternate history of the Watchmen world in 2021, going back a couple of decades. Why Watchmen Never Had A 9/11 (Rorschach #10 Spoilers) And it looks[...]
The Human Target From Tom King and Greg Smallwood
Tom King tweeted a very nice tease earlier today which was then retweeted by DC Comics publicist Clark Bull on his personal account, which seemed to suggest a Justice League International comic book was to be announced Given that it looked pretty much like Fire, Blue Beetle, Guy Gardner, and Rocket Red. The Human Target From[...]
Batman Catwoman Special #1 Delayed Another Four Months
One of his final projects was the Batman/Catwoman Special, intended to run between two arcs of the Batman/Catwoman series, and reunited John Paul Leon with Tom King Planned to be published in July, comic book retailers have been told that the issue in question has been delayed until the 21st of December We don't yet[...]
Tom King Explains The Difference Between Rorschach and The Comedian
Rorschach is an unauthorised sequel to Watchmen by Tom King and Jorge Fornes Ostensibly the investigation of an attempted assassination of a Presidential candidate by someone dressed as Rorschach And set in the world of Watchmen many years later It has gone on some entertaining tangents that may well double back into the narrative[...]
Strange Adventures #10 Review: Let’s Make A Deal
Likewise, Tom King's script does some great work in using literary allusions (the book dedication, the analysis) to give the work some heft and narrative significance. However, there are two basic problems The first, of course, is the issue of the structure of the issue: a woman reading a letter and flashing back to things that[...]
Selina Kyle Gets Plastered In Batman/Catwoman
In today's Batman/Catwoman #5 by Tom King, Clay Mann, and Tomeu Morey, Selina Kule rewrites a famous kids Batman song, for her own, more adult-appropriate needs, that of getting rather drunk. Selina Kyle Gets Plastered In Batman/Catwoman #5 But how accurate is this choice of language? For some reason I thought "plastered" was colloquial to Brits and[...]
Unmasking Frank Miller As Rorschach (Spoilers)
Today sees a new, eagerly awaited comic by Tom King and Jorge Fornes, Rorschach #8, the latest issue of gthe unauthorised sequel to Watchmen The previous issue made the extraordinary twist of having Frank Miller be the new Rorschach, which plays out in another unexpected fashion. Looks like Frank Miller has been learning his lines.And the[...]
The Real Story Of Frank Miller & Otto Binder's Rorschach Seance Tape
In Rorschach #1 by Tom King and Jorge Fornes, an unauthorised sequel to Watchmen published by DC Comics, we learned of a copy of a tape by Wil Myerson, a character based on Steve Ditko and who takes up the Rorschach identity in 2020, before trying, and failing to assassinate the Presidential candidate Turley. The tape is based on[...]
Wonder Woman 1984 Credit Scene Revealed (Spoilers)
An unauthorised sequel to Watchmen by Tom King and Jorge Fornes, published by DC Comics, set in the present day, with a new Rorschach, killed while trying to assassinate +the Republican Presidential candidate, Turley. With Wil Myerson acting as a parallel for comic book creator Steve Ditko It is established in the Watchmen universe that pirates rather[...]
Will Frank MIller Come To Rorschach After All? (Spoilers)
Rorschach, the unauthorised sequel to Watchmen by Tom King and Jorge Fornes, published by DC Comics Published this week, Rorschach #7 looks to follow up directly from Rorschach #6 Which should not be a surprise. And we are seeing The Detective following up on the lives of Laura Cummings and Wil Myerson, both of them killed[...]
Comic book writer Tom King tweeted out the following cover to his upcoming Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow #1 comic book with Bilquis Evely, earlier today He tweeted "Incredible alt cover for Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow #1 by Gary Frank Meet Ruthye, your newest favorite DC character She's got quite a future ahead of her (Also,[...]
The cover to Strange Adventures #9, a comic by Tom King, Mitch Gerads, and Doc Shaner from DC Comics.
But Manchin has gone to work for the day, so I am currently wearing his bathrobe and soaking my feet in his bathtub while I write to you about the latest tweets from superstar comic book creators Mitch Gerads and Tom King, who, along with Doc Shaner, are the creative team behind the DC Comics[...]
Will Frank MIller Come To Rorschach After All? (Spoilers)
It's true, I'm starting to really enjoy Rorschach, the unauthorised sequel to Watchmen by Tom King and Jorge Fornes, published by DC Comics Published today, Rorschach #6 is framed by three narratives. Firstly, the letters between Lorna and Wil Myerson, the creator of Pontius Pirate (now a Broadway musical), and who becomes the new Rorschach, the[...]
Tom King Writes Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow, Drawn By Bilquis Evely
And today, DC Comics has confirmed the news, as revealed in the last page of Infinite Frontier #0, of the new series, Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow, an eight-issue series launching on the 22nd of June, but also that it's by Batman, Vision and Rorschach writer Tom King, and drawn by The Dreaming's Bilquis Evely and[...]