Saturday Trending Topics: Quality Comics Reboot

Saturday Trending Topics: Quality Comics RebootI have this comics history nerd theory/fantasy in my head about how the DC reboot titles are being chosen, and it goes something like this: someone put together a spreadsheet of DC-owned properties that has a column for decade/era of origin, a column for imprint or acquisition (which is something that DC has historically done a fair bit of), and perhaps a column for genre.  And they thought to themselves, "we're going to sample our catalog by chronology and also by imprint/acquisition, maybe cover the non-superhero genres we've done well with, and that way we're going to hit all the far corners of our catalog and see what under-utilized gems are in there that we can make stick."

You can look at that lengthening relaunch list and think to yourself, "Oh yeah, that was a classic 1990s book (or 1980s book, or 70s, 60s, and on back to the early Golden Age)".  And you can also look at the list and note the Wildstorm books, and the former Vertigo-used titles, and the Charlton characters, and the Quality Comics characters (more about that in a moment). And wonder about the absence of the Fawcett characters, and if there's a way to use them effectively in the movie/tv/licensing-ready reality we live in without Marvel getting pissed off about it.  It's worth noting that classic western, war, and weird-sf titles are in there too, and that those were all extremely important genres to DC historically.

But back to Quality Comics:  so now we've got Blackhawks, Plastic Man (in JLI), and today we heard about The Ray.  Will we be seeing Kid Eternity soon?  One can hope.

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Saturday Trending Topics: Quality Comics Reboot

Saturday Trending Topics: Quality Comics Reboot

Saturday Trending Topics: Quality Comics Reboot

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