Scamwatch: OctoPDF And The Download Comics That Aren't

Bleeding Cool has received a number of people grateful for this article, that stopped them being scammed in a similar fashion. Well, this next one should be an obvious one, as ever, if it is too good to be true, it probably is.


OctoPDF offers the chance to download graphic novels and other books for free, via PDF. Intriguingly a number of them arent event available yet, such as this book about Mike Allred. All you have to did it register your credit card.


They sell themself as an Amazon Associate, and they are, they offer paid links on each page to the Amazon product in question. But why pay, when they also seem to be offering a free download.

The credit card system they use is via a company called Lilpay. You can read customers experiences here and below. Indeed, it seems very likely that the entire existence of OctoPDF is to drive people to register their credit card with Lilpay.

So, be warned folks. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Except at San Diego Comic Con.

Frank Hartzell Lilplay is a scam. They advertised several books I wanted and listed them as free downloads. I would have been happy to pay. But they had NONE Of them. Nor did it appear they have anything like that. Then I find out their free 5 day trial is a scam. how do we contact a prosecutor about this? This seems criminal to me, isn't this LESS than the Enzyte guy did and he is prison for a long time. All he did was the recurring payment. This one doesn't even have the stuff they are advertising.

Candido Gavino Jr I came to this website via "" Google listing. In order to receive a link via email to download a book I needed in pdf format, I had to register for a "free" 5-day trial membership with "", The process forced you to donate $1.00 to "Unicef". After the registration, I got an email from "" which listed a link that was the same as what is on the Google ad. Clicking that link brought you to a site to register for another "free" 5-day trial membership, but this time with "", before you can receive a link via your email. "BOB-GAME.COM" and "LILPLAY.COM" share the same address in Wilmington 19801 and are owned by "LETSPLAYVENTURES.COM". Ironically, bob-game has a 75% trustworthiness rating while has 10% bad risk rating. OARBOOKS.ORG and BAKEBOOKS.COM both have bad risk ratings. BAKEBOOKS.COM ownership is from China. Using these websites will require registering to strings of websites to no end, sucking $1 at each stop. The worst part is that they don't even have many, if not most, of the books they claim to have anyway. And when they have them, they're usually pirated. Definite SCAMMERS!

Lee And John Denney-Fox At 2337. 17th May 2015 my teenage sister went to start 5 day free trial with "LILPLAY" and put my details in which she is usually allowed to do if she wishes to buy a book to read Rom amazon a trusted site! However immediately without her doing a thing $16.95 was taken from my account without her doing a thing as I was now watching her they decided to sign us up for a 3 month membership? Immediately this money was taken without permission, less than 5 minutes into the supposed 5 day free trial. This is a fraudulent and thieving site I am disgusted that it then said it will refund my money within 5-10 dAys when it only took them 2 mins to steal it? They then said oh you can still enjoy the remainder of your trial period until the 17th how funny as it was by then after 4 emails and 2 attempted telephone call to America from England where I live oh yes it gets better to get ny money back it will have cost me more than they stole to start with I have not got my money back and it just shows its disappeared no description on my online banking? I can jot believe that although she shouldn't have been naive enough to sign up for a free trial how come they can't refund my money for 5-10 dAys when it only took them less than a minute to steal it? She never signed up for a premium membership much less the longest most expensive choice, my money has yet to be given back I have only received a mandatory email 're the refund not a personal one this is disgusting do not use this site

And of course

Katy Puckett Mitchell  I figured this place was a scam but I find it a touch ironic that you're more upset the advertised item wasn't there because if they did actually deliver you an item they would be scamming authors, movie makers, and tons of other people out of their hard earned living since they have NO Permission to have my books on their site and they aren't paying me any royalties on them.

I'm sorry to hear they are scamming the general public as well, but seriously…pay for your books & movies the right way! Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Vudu, your local bookstores, take your pick for books & movies but stop trying to get things for FREE that are pirated/illegal to offer free.


Melinda Moore This site is showing a book I wrote available for free. I never gave them permission to make it available and own all copyrights to the book. I can't believe scam advisor is saying it's a safe site.

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