Sinestro Tastes the Rainbow this August for DC's "Year of the Villain"

Sinestro probably misses the good old days, when all he needed to do to defeat a Green Lantern was poke them with a yellow pencil, or min-conjure up a yellow horse and lance to joust against Hal. Now, he's running errands for Lex Luthor, picking on old gods, and weilding a new power ring that gives him the POWERS OF THE RAINBOW.

Batman/Superman, WildCATs, Year of the Villain, and More in DC Comics August 2019 Solicitations
//Credit: DC Comics


written by MARK RUSSELL
art and cover by BRANDON PETERSON
As the universe tilts towards doom, great forces awake in an effort to stop Lex Luthor's mad plans. Dispatching Sinestro, Luthor sends the former Green Lantern to bring these old gods under control or destroy them before they reach Earth. Now, wielding the power of the ultraviolet spectrum, Sinestro finds his new foes even more dangerous and perplexing than he expected, when realizes any damage he inflicts is immediately repaired.
ON SALE 08.07.19
$4.99 US | 40 PAGES

Okay, that sounds a lot cooler than my version. Sinestro doesn't seem like the type of person who's going to have a lot of patience for enemies that regenerate, either.

Sinestro #1 is part of DC's Year of the Villain event, and will be at your favorite comic shop this August! Don't miss out!

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