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Schools Hand Out DC's Year of the Villain Comics Inside Lunches
So far, Muñoz has delivered 2,600 comics to local elementary schools, with thousands more to come, with an initial focus of the DC superhero event Year of the Villain. But at a time when schools are closed, and his store is closed, he needed a different plan, one that came from his mother He told the[...]
Lex Luthor Explains His Mid-Life Crisis in Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen #4 [Preview]
But there's just one problem standing in his way. The stupidest character ever created in all of superhero comics: The Batman Who Laughs. Hell Arisen #4 hits stores on Wednesday. YEAR OF THE VILLAIN HELL ARISEN #4 (OF 4) JAN200518 (W) James TynionIV (A/CA) Steve Epting This is it! Lex Luthor has gathered a strike force of villains he's leveled up[...]
Nominations Revealed to Vote For DC Villain Of The YEar
Harley Quinn: Villain Of The Year #1 is a DC Year Of The Villain oneshot with a difference You get to vote And today DC Comics has revealed in their comic books who is being nominated for this most prestigious of prizes. Bane (Batman) Black Manta (Aquaman) Captain Cold (The Flash) Catwoman (Catwoman) Controller Mu (The Green Lantern) Deathstroke (Deathstroke) Flashpoint Batman[...]
Has DC Comics Just Created Its Very Own Rick And Morty?
Today sees the publication of Year Of The Villain: Lex Luthor #1 from Jason Latour and Bryan Hitch, that sees the Apex Lex Luthor travelling the multiverse collecting other Lex Luthors along the way And one in particular, a young version of Lex Luthor in a Smallville-like environment, with a dead drunk father Who Apex[...]
Teen Titans: The Judas Contract Gets the Dark Multiverse What If? Treatment
The wait is finally over! DC Comics has finally announced a Year of the Villain one-shot starring your favorite villain! What? No, not the Joker No, not Lex Luthor Not Cheetah Not Captain Cold No, not Sinestro Not Deathstroke Not Parallax Not Darkseid Not… …not Onomatopoeia Not Gentleman Ghost Come on! Oh, did someone say Ocean[...]
Batman #77 [Preview]
We opened the door to find these 3 pages from Batman #77 in a neat bundle, along with 1 page from Black Mask: Year of the Villain #1. The Batman preview starts out with a battle of the sidekicks, as evil Batman's sidekick, Gotham Girl, takes on Robin… Not only with burning eye lasers… but with a[...]
Deathstroke #46
The Year of the Villain ties in with Deathstroke this issue, as the book grapples with the aftermath of killing off its protagonist in a different crossover… See the rest in a media partner EX-X-XCLUSIVE next week… and then the full Deathstroke #46 in stores on Wednesday. DEATHSTROKE #46 YOTV DARK GIFTS JUN190492 (W) Christopher Priest (A) Fernando Pasarin,[...]
Sinestro Year of the Villain #1
Bleeding Cool, sadly, is not on the list of DC media partners. However, thanks to a mysterious benefactor, we have three pages from Sinestro Year of the Villain #1 before it debuts in an EX-X-XCLUSIVE on another website next week In this three-page preview of Sinestro's Year of the Villain One-Shot, we find the titular Sinestro[...]
Watch Tom Taylor Balance a Chair on His Face at SDCC
But the best reason to go to Comic-Con? The chance to see superstar comic book writer Tom Taylor balance a freaking chair on his face. Bleeding Cool's Mike Sangregorio was on the scene at the DC Year of the Villain panel when this particular Comic-Con dream came true for everyone in attendance And yes, he captured[...]
DC Villains Stage Hostile Takeover in November, With Acetate Covers
DC's Year of the Villain isn't done unleashing gimmicky variant covers on the DC Universe just yet! Following the cardstock variants for Year of the Villain and Lex Luthor's "offer," DC is planning another line-wide event in November with Hostile Takeover This won't surprise you, but Bleeding Cool scooped the name of this event way[...]