'The True Pirates Were Revolutionaries'- Preview Anne Bonnie #5

Anne Bonnie has come up on its 5th issue, with a 6th coming on October 7th ahead of New York Comic Con, and soon the trade collection will be available, but you can also buy a combo pack of issues #1-5 from publisher Blue Juice Comics.

We've been keeping you up to date on this comic here at Bleeding Cool for some time due to the high quality of the artwork and the fun, fresh storytelling style of a tale that combines history with elements of myth to make for an evocative narrative by Tim Yates. In this issue, Ariana encounters another female pirate legend and has to face up to some of the hardships of life. Once again you can see how far Yates' vision has developed over time along with his art style on his first creator-owned comic.

Here's our preview of Issue #5:

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To learn more about Anne Bonnie, keep an eye on Blue Juice Comics, and maybe even catch up with them at New York Comic Con!

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