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NYCC '15 Debut: Anne Bonnie #6 And More From Blue Juice Comics
There's a lot going on for indie comics publisher Blue Juice Comics in and around New York Comic Con Firstly they will be located at #2068 at New York Comic Con There will be a new issue of the fantasy pirate comic by Tim Yates, Anne Bonnie, #6, debuting Wednesday and at the convention from[...]
'The True Pirates Were Revolutionaries'- Preview Anne Bonnie #5
Anne Bonnie has come up on its 5th issue, with a 6th coming on October 7th ahead of New York Comic Con, and soon the trade collection will be available, but you can also buy a combo pack of issues #1-5 from publisher Blue Juice Comics. We've been keeping you up to date on this comic[...]
Rise Of A Pirate Queen: Preview Anne Bonnie #4
Anne Bonnie is published by Blue Juice Comics, where you can also find previous issues. Tim Yates isn't tabling at Special Edition NYC this weekend, but he is going to be attending and hanging out at Gavin Smith's (Artist for Blue Juice Comics' other series Accelerators , which Yates also colors) for some of the weekend,[...]
Special Preview – Indie Sensation And Pirate Adventure Anne Bonnie #2
When he brought the first issue to print with fledgling Blue Juice Comics as a creator-owned project, he didn't really know what to expect, but lightning struck and the first issue was a major success, selling out in its early print run at comic cons rather rapidly That was more than enough to encourage him[...]
Preview Anne Bonnie And Hunt Down Blue Juice Comics At MegaCon This Weekend
Plenty of pirate goodness awaits in new comic Anne Bonnie from Blue Juice Comics, and they've kindly provided Bleeding Cool with this preview, as well as the reminder that you can get your print copy in its first available location at MegaCon in Florida this weekend, booth #635. Anne Bonnie springs from the full-color imagination of[...]
Annie Bonnie's Journey Begins In March
Previewed at New York Comic Con (preview embedded belowed) by relatively new publisher Blue Juice Comics, a new pirate comic Annie Bonnie, by Tim Yates. "There are many tails in the world: rat tails, cat tails, skinny tales and fat tales but the only ones worth speakin' of… the only ones worth tellin'… are the tall[...]