Twelve Years Experience #5 by Joel Ronson – Issue Ones Issues

A hit at the Kapow comic convention in London, Joel Ronson is a twelve year old young man who loves comic books. And wants to let other people in on it.

As a comic book collector, I get annoyed when people ask me why I would spend £138,000 on a comic book. "Why? IT'S BATMAN issue one!" I reply.

The great thing about getting comics like All American Comics issue one and Batman issue one is that it's pride. I have X-Force issue one and whenever a fellow comic reader comes round to my house it is the first thing I show them, that and The Mighty Thor issue one but now I am just showing off.

I would be willing to sell everything I have, including my soul, for Journey Into Mystery issue one or Strange Adventures issue one. I would probably never read them though, as my hands are not worthy of such awesomeness.

It may just be me, but it seems more impressive to only have one copy of an incredibly collectable comic. If you ask some if they have the seventh appearance of Superman and they reply saying that they have a few hundred copies, you would probably ask for one but also think meh. But if you ask them the same question and they say "yes, I have one copy of it" it seems more special.

Nobody would care about Thor's hammer if he had millions of them.

I usually choose reading over collecting, though. And I am only careful with some comics. I'd never read anything from under the year 2005 with food. But say if I am reading DC Universe Online issue five, I could hold pizza in it for all I care as I know it will never be collectable.

Talking about pizza, I want to apologize for not being here the last two weeks. I have been incredibly tired from all my work at school and stuff. Sometimes I am even too tired to read comics after school these days so you know I've been tired and I have either been exhausted or busy on weekends.

I've gone from not really reading Superman to him being my second favourite character at the moment, right after Deadpool.

The Deadpool current series is some of the best comics I have ever read. To explain to you why, I have made a list of things I love about Deadpool:

He's funny

He's insane

He eats tacos

He kills baddies in extreme ways.

Can a character get any better than that?! And when you mix that character with a series that has more imagination than I have ever read in a comic before you get EXTREME AWESOMNESS.

On that note, I hope you have enjoyed this column and I promise I will be back next week for another rant, no more laziness, me.

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