Where In The World Is Joe The Barbarian #8?

It's a cruel political conspiracy emanating from the now-circled Pentagon.

It's an example of the New World Order exercising its influence in global corporations.

It's an act of arcane satanic magic in this time of darkness.

Can there be any other explanation for the disappearance of the listing for the final eighth issue of Joe The Barbarian from the DC website? Delayed and delayed, last seen it was scheduled for the 22nd of December. A nice Christmas treat. And now… vanished.

It's still available (for a short time) in the Google cache, but that's all. Why have we been denied this final chapter of goodness?

Turns out it's late, that's all. Not as exciting, perhaps, but true. And as Dan Slott would say there's probably not enough of that in these parts of late.

Although as to why the first and last pages of Dave Gibbons' story in the recollection and reprint of Vertigo: Winter's Edge have been switched, maybe we'll never know.

UPDATE: Artist Sean Murphy got the script for issue 8 on the 22nd November…

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