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Microids Unveils Video Game Adaptation Of Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo
Microids and Pendulo Studios released a new developer diary for Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo, showing off the game's artwork Before the game is released on PC on December 16th, the team decided to show off the work that went into creating this very specific visual style that encapsulates the original film while also standing out[...]
Y: The Last Man Cover by J. G. Jones Hits Auction
Jones Y: The Last Man #6 Cover Original Art (DC/Vertigo, 2002). Early cover painting from the critically-acclaimed comic series, that is soon to be released as an FX/Hulu television series The last man on Earth, Yorick Brown and his monkey, Ampersand, are hiding in a train's cargo hold with some rather large pigs on this mixed[...]
Microids Unveils Video Game Adaptation Of Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo
Microids released a brand new trailer for Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo during Gamescom 2021 as we got a better look at the story going into the game The game takes cues from the Hitchcock way of storytelling, but they have made a totally different story with an original concept as you fight an intense case[...]
More DC Comics Big Books
Rachel Pollack took over writing Doom Patrol from Grant Morrison at DC/Vertigo in the mid-nineties, she was the most prominent trans creator of the day, before that was even a consideration, and writing a trans character Coagula as part of the mix, a superhero team that Grant Morrison had established with more queer characters than[...]
Better Grab Graded Copies Of Sandman #1 While You Still Can
The first issue, one of the stars at the beginning of the launch of Vertigo, has always been a bit undervalued That will not be the case anymore, as the aftermarket will be snapping up copies left and right, like this CGC 9.4 copy on auction at ComicConnect, part of Event Auction #46, Session 5[...]
Microids Unveils Video Game Adaptation Of Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo
An interesting reveal this weekend as Microids unveiled Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo, set to be released sometime in late 2021 To be clear right out the gate, this is not an adaptation of the classic 1954 film, but an original story that apparently will take cues from the film and other Alfred Hitchcock works The[...]
DC Comics Launches New Horror Imprint - Called DC Horror
But then a few years ago, on an imprint purge, DC Comics put in the bin after first destroying the appeal of Vertigo contracts, seeing its big names go elsewhere, then making its most important brand executives, Karen Berger and Shelly Bond, redundant. And now we have the unimaginatively titles DC Horror A new imprint, launching[...]
doom patrol
Created by writer Neil Gaiman and artists Matt Wagner and Malcolm Jones in 1991's The Sandman # 25, the ghostly sleuths have a connection to the team overall and The Chief's (Timothy Dalton) daughter Alice (Abigail Shapiro) in particular via the Vertigo Comics crossover "The Children's Crusade" (a storyline that could come into play during[...]
Did Matt Kindt Try And Get The Rights To Revolver Back From DC?
But DC Comics decision to put the 2010 Vertigo comic book by Matt Kindt, Revolver, back into print, in March 2021 smacks of that kind of shenanigans At least it's not a cheap-as-chips version… Did Matt Kindt Try And Get The Rights To Revolver Back From DC Comics? REVOLVER is a tale of two worlds, and how[...]
Constantine at 15: It got an R rating for "tone" and "demons" #SDCC
Image Courtesy San Diego Comic-Con @Home. In Constantine, Reeves played the eponymous John Constantine, based (somewhat loosely) on the Hellblazer comics from Vertigo/DC How loosely? Well, as Reeves so pithily explained, "I'm not English, and I'm not blonde." During production, they experimented with wigs and accents but finally decided to just make this a different take[...]