Dynamite December 2019 Solicitations

James Bond and Dejah Thoris Relaunch in Dynamite's December 2019 Solicitations

Dynamite launches a new James Bond series by Vita Ayala, Danny Lore and Eric Gapstur, a new Dejah Thoris series by Dan Abnett and Vasco Georgiev and they are putting a lot of attention on Vampirella #6 by Priest and Ergun Gunduz with Artgerm covers… all in their December 2019 solicitations below… VAMPIRELLA #6 CVR […]

Image Comics Solicitations for December 2019

Image Comics Solicitations for December 2019

Take a look at all that Image Comics has to offer in December 2019 and beyond. We already talked about a very special Christmas present from Mark Millar, but there is much more besides. Might be worth breaking one or two out… DIE #10 December 4, 2019 OCT190197 Age Rating: M $3.99 "SPLIT THE PARTY," […]

DC Comics' Full Solicitations for December 2019 -

DC Comics' Full Solicitations for December 2019 – Including Doomsday Clock #12

We ran some Frankensteined versions earlier but that was just the start. Here are the full DC Comics solicitations for December 2019. Including a certain Doomsday Clock #12… YEAR OF THE VILLAIN: HELL ARISEN #1 written by JAMES TYNION IV art and cover by STEVE EPTING variant cover by RICCARDO FEDERICI blank variant cover DC's […]

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DC Comics' December 2019 Solicitations – A Very Few Frankensteined

DC Comics will be releasing their December solicitations to their media partner sites at 10pm BST/5pm ET/2pm PT. But before then, we've done a little Frankensteining of comics solicitations they've already released… and all are for December 18th. Looks like it will be quite the pre-Christmas week for DC Comics. We can also wonder what […]

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Marvel Puts the Cosmic Ghost Rider in Chains For New Revenge Comic

Today, Marvel released its special edition of THE PULL LIST, unveiling exclusive information for titles coming to comic shops this December… catch the rest of them here. including another Cosmic Ghost Rider series that sees as the Future Frank Castle gets jailed big time.   REVENGE OF THE COSMIC GHOST RIDER #1 (OF 5) Written […]

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Marvel Comics Teases December Event – A Burning Crown Of Flame?

Marvel Comics has teased their planned December event before. And at today's Diamond Retailer Lunch, we got the same logos, laying out The War Of The Realms, The House and Powers Of X and Absolute Carnage with a big fat question mark logo for December. Pretty much like before. And then just before the slide […]

The Top 50 Best-Selling Comics And Graphic Novels In December 2016

Compiled by Diamond Comic Distributors from the comics they have supplied to comic stores, conventions and subscription boxes in North America, across 2016… These are just the unit sales, which also include the free copies overshipped by Marvel on a number of titles. And at least one retailer exclusive cover for Justice League Vs Suicide […]

Unboxing December 2015's Loot Crate, Galaxy – Star Wars, Halo 5, Galaxy Quest can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Loot Crate Unboxing For December 2015 – Galaxy – For Bleeding Cool. Star Wars, Halo, Galaxy Quest ( Teh December Loot Crate has arrived! And here, for you lucky people, is what's inside. No comic, but a shirt, a Pop and more… the January crate is now […]

Chickenhare's Chris Grine Brings Us Witchfinder General In December

Alongside Chris Wyatt, the creator of Chickenhare, Chris Grine, has new comic from Devil's Due/1First Comics in December, Witchfinder General. Recent graduate Drew Jackson's dream internship at the Pentagon turns bizarre when he's assigned to "The United States Department of the Witchfinder General."  Drew is soon swept into a world of haunted Amish farm houses, British Revolutionary […]

Burnt Comix From Jayro Lantigua Hits The Big Time In December…

This is what the small press version of Burnt Comix #1 by Jayro Lantigua looks like. And this is what the slightly less small press version from publisher Creature will look like in December. Look! Colour! A Dog chooses to commit suicide and tries to find a creative way to die. Along the way he encounters […]