Rob Liefeld Vs. Diamond Over A Thousand Missing Comic Books

Rob Liefeld is publishing comics again. Or, at least he is trying to. He posted in frustration, publically to Facebook,

Diamond Comic Distributors is the sole distributor of Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, IDW and more publishers to comic stores in the USA, Canada and the UK. Every comic store selling new comics has to deal with them. And while that stymies attempts of other comic distributors to enter the market, they also have vast economies of scale which has made the simultaneous worldwide day-and-date release of a product designed to be stuffed in the back pocket, distributed as near mint collectibles, possible. It's a staggering achievement. Most of the time.

When asked toelaborate,  Rob Liefeld continued,

Ah, drawing Deadpool comics as well has its privileges.

But apparently, they won't even let him pick them up himself.

And to repeat,

Seriously, Rob how do you really feel?

Naturally, some people contacted me trying to draw some parallel between Rob Liefeld's 2013 Kickstarter for Brigade, the promised rewards for which have been delayed for years, but it's worth pointing out that a) this Diamond situation probably involves the final publication of Brigade, as two weeks ago Rob announced that the books will finally be going out in November b) more importantly, Rob has actually given out refunds to those who ask for them.

I understand that Diamond representatives at the highest levels are, however, looking into this situation…

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