Sunday Runaround – In Remembrance

In Passing: Newsarama gathers comments on the death – and life – of Dick Giordano, from Marv Wolfman to Kurt Busiek to Erik Larsen. And president and co-publishers of DC Comics add their thoughts.

A number of news sources have written about the death of John Hicklenton, specifically that he chose to die at a Dignitas centre. The commentators of the Brighton Argus, naturally, turn it into a debate on the rights and wrongs of assisted suicide.

BastardWatch: Joking that you are a family member of a comic book personality can be dangerous, when some people don't get the joke. I've heard someone ask if Jim Lee really is Stan Lee's grandson. And here's an account of how Eric Esquivel is not the illegitimate son of John Siuntres. And why John has been receiving messages saying how proud he should be of his son.

I used to joke that Antony Johnston and I were siblings. He asked me to stop, seriously, immediately when, I think, an editor asked him about it…

KickAssWatch: Matthew Vaughn spreads his love to the Financial Times.

He gets more excited talking about his art collection, some of which appears in Kick-Ass, decorating the home of the film's presiding criminal: two enormous Warhol pistols, for example, the kind of thing you would imagine appealing to a sociopathic contemporary art lover. "I was a bit cynical there. I put them in hoping they would become more iconic and shoot up in value." One of his biggest regrets is not going for a Francis Bacon painting – his "dream" possession – when they were still relatively affordable.

CreditWatch: Marvel exclusive artist Patrick Zircher goes to war over artists getting equal billing with writers on graphic novels, with this being a particularly egregious example.

Artists, ask for equal billing. Writers, if you didn't draw a comic, ask that the billing be equal.

When Marvel's Jen Grunwald starts commenting and referes to the bookstore demands for a recognizable writer name, Patrick drops a bomb;

I'll put my money where my mouth is. If I don't receive equal size billing on my next Marvel trade, provided I draw all the issues in the trade, I won't re-sign with Marvel at the end of the year. I say that knowing full well I'm working with a novelist.

Them's fighting words! Hard to argue with though…

WizardWorldWatch: Here's how we look to the world.

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