Secrets Of The Battleworld – Getting Out Of 1872 And The Blasphemy Of Barons

IMG_00501872 is an unreconstructed place, as some have discovered. It's not just a reflection of the time, but a reflection of writing about the time. Even Doctur Octopus is on the receipt of body shaming from Captain America.


No wonder the Runaways have run away from the 1872 domain, as everyone seems to be doing, to be fair, including Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne over in Age Of Ultron Vs. Marvel Zombies – in fact I'm surprised there's anyone left there and ended up in Weirdworld. They could do with a map…

IMG_0030But even the new map from Weirdworld keeps on changing. Look for more of these locations to be explored in the ongoing series.

So what do the different barons get up to on the Battleworld? Well in Spider-Verse they attempt to take down the god Doom.

In Renew Your Vows, they plot to take down the God Doom.

IMG_0039Even if this Peter Parker has never heard of him. Hell, over in Secret Love, they name fast food after him.


Add the Maestro over in Future Imperfect and there's a lot of barons with aims of godhood. Can't they just feign allegiance?


See, Tony Stark in Armor Wars has the right idea. Because if not, you know what happens then? Anyone? Anyone? Guardians Of Knowhere?


Basically. Of course, some barons (or ex-barons) of Inferno just want to justify that job lot of Cyclops Was Right T-shirts they have stored in the back.


Oh and if you'd forgotten about the anti-mutant feeling round these places, X-Tinction Agenda is there to remind you…


House Of M brings back a favourite from Avengers Arena. And a Deathlock/Terminator gag to boot…

Howard The Human heads to Hen's Kitchen to meet with a blind mouse…

Captain Britain And The Mighty Defenders ramps up the Judge Dreddness with more 2000AD robots.

While Age Of Ultron Vs Marvel Zombies seems to drop the Vs in favour of a slash…


But what does this all mean? Where is it all going? The Last Days Of Loki ends with a possible tease, an understanding of modern day serialised storytelling and a recognition of the expectations of the audience.IMG_0041Eight months later….

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London.. Who have a signing from Mark Buckingham this Friday from 6-7pm, before performing a Director's Commentary for his Fairest comic,surrounded by a gallery of his work…fairest_commentary_670

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