Secrets Of The Battleworld – The Fall Of Doom? (BIG SPOILERS)

Secret Wars may have until the end of the year to play out. But the spinoffs are coming to a close. But what secrets to they provide as to what is to come?

Well, in the final issue of Weirdworld, we get to see exactly what happens to the Battleworld at the end of the series.IMG_0055

It explodes, And Doom falls. So is that the end of everything? Well no… we'll come to that in a bit. Because there are plenty of "To Be Continued" to take account of. Such as the final page of the final issue of 18721872 004-021

The Avengers Of The West returns… will that be in the present-set Red Wolf series? Either way, we know that somehow they will make it out…. because that's exactly what we need, another Avengers team.


Nosuch joy for the Agents Of Atlas spinoff one-shot, as SHIELD turn against their boss, Baron Baron Zemo. As Baron of this domain, he deserves the second title in his name I think.

While over in Age Of Apocalypse's final issue….Age of Apocalypse (2015) 005-020Phoenix does her best impersonation of the Scarlet Witch's No More Mutants. And apparently everyone is absolutely fine with that. Happy ever after.

Until the world blows up of course…

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Who have a Brooklyn Brewery Defend Comics event this Friday, with Brooklyn Defender IPA, Khary Randolph and Andy Oliver. £5 tickets with beer and limited edition glass, £10 to make it bottomless for the night. Tickets here.



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