Separated At Birth: Doctor Who, Action Comics And Dark Days: The Forge Spoilers

There are major final page spoilers for today's Action Comics, Dark Days: The Forge – and, I suppose, for episodes of this year's Doctor Who. All broadcast by the BBC this year or published by DC Comics last night.

It was only at Christmas that Doctor Who chose to use all sorts of Superman imagery for their Christmas Special, creating a version of Superman, Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and using John Byrne Superman artwork in the process.

Well, it appears that DC Comics, consciously or not, are returning the favour with two big final page reveals today, in both Action Comics and Dark Days: The Forge #1.

The first big reveal was that at the end of episode 5, Oxygen, that the Doctor was blind. He remained as much in the next two episodes until at the end, he was healed by the Monks, in a deal that saw them take over the world.


In today's Action Comics #981, at the beginning of the episode, he is assaulted by an illusion from the Black Vault.


He escapes, he goes against his aggressors, he fights.


But all the time, he is blind.


The second big reveal is about the Vault, a prison in the bowels of the University of Bristol, which is why the Doctor has set himself up as a professor there for 75 years, including having his own quarters, and keeping whoever it is trapped in there – trapped in there.


It is revealed in Extremis that the occupant is the Doctor's no 1 adversary, The Master – now in female form and known as Missy.



While at the end of Dark Days: The Forge #1, the Green Lantern and Duke Thomas uncover a Batcave within the Batcave, deep underneath Wayne Manor and discover that Batman has had trapped in there for some considerable time… the Joker.


See! It's not just Dan Slott who does it in Silver Surfer!

Oh and here are the numbers a little clearer for any decoders out there…


Separated at birth? The new name for the swipe files?


Blind Superman - Swipe, coincidence, homage or joke?

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Joker in the Vault - Swipe, coincidence, Homage or Joke?

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Action Comics #981 by Dan Jurgens, Jack Herbert and Hi-Fi, and Dark Days: The Forge #1 by (breath in) Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Andy Kubert, John Romita Jr, Klaus Janson, Danny Miki, Alex Sinclair and Jeremiah Skipper were published last night by DC Comics. Doctor Who is broadcast by BBC and BBC America.

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