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Separated At Birth: Simon Williams And Light Switches

This is a comic book panel from Simon Williams. From the British-originated Marvel UK comic book Spectacular Spider-Man Adventures #100. And here's an Etsy listing from SuperheroWallArt. And a reply by the lister to someone complaining – that suggests he's already been contacted by others as well… First Sale means that you can buy something and […]

Separated At Birth: Vampirella vs Carmilla

Separated At Birth: Vampirella vs Richard Sala's Carmilla

Richard Sala has been publishing a new horror comics anthology called The Creeps Magazine under the Warrant Publishing Company label that… bears a passing resemblance to the Warren Publishing anthology horror comics magazine of old, Creepy Magazine. And that resemblance is not coincidental. So with Vampirella on the rise again, what could be more natural […]

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Separated at Birth: John Gallagher, Captain Canuck and Sideshow Collectibles

Over the weekend, we looked at John Gallagher's work on a variety of Transformers comic book covers, that appeared to be filtered shots of the Transformers toys, or other Transformers artists work. But it goes further than the plastic-and-metal toy set. Gallagher also did a run of covers on the Chapterhouse comic book Captain Canuck, […]

Separated at Birth: Lucca Comics 2019 Poster by Barbara Baldi

Lucca Comics and Games is the biggest comic book convention in Europe, the second largest iun the world and even bigger than Angouleme. Last year they sold a quarter of a million tickets to the event, so it's a focus for many eyes. The poster for the October/November show has been released by graphic novelist […]

Separated At Birth: Francesco Mattina's Batman

Separated At Birth: Francesco Mattina's Batman and Sideshow Statues

Comic book creator and cover artist Francesco Mattina has been the receiver of considerable critique and criticism over the influences on his work. Words like plagiarism have been thrown around, while others see merely influence, and compare it to musical sampling. This includes his use of the work of Ian MacDonald. The cover work of […]

Separated At Birth: Is Namor A Sub Mariner or a Dom Mariner?

Ballistic Metal USA is a company who, as they put it, are involved in 'Manufacturing the Highest Quality Fetish & Adult Toys'. This includes  'Precision Crafted Gear Made With Pride' and they guarantee that all their products are 'Made in the U.S.A.' Such as this penis ring. Currently on sale through eBay for $17. But does […]

Separated At Birth: Clayton Crain and Andrew Wildman's Venom and Carnage

Andrew Wildman writes on Facebook, Recent painted cover by Clayton Crain for Venom Unleashed. Alongside my cover for Carnage Unleashed in 1995. Not sure this has been mentioned by anyone. Please let me know if I am mistaken. Don't get me wrong, great piece by Clayton but, well, ya know… Let's take a look. From […]

Separated At Birth – Francesco Mattina's Deathstroke and Ben Oliver's Lobo

There have been quite a few comparisons made between Francesco Mattina's cover work for DC Comics and Marvel Comics of late. We ran quite a few over here. But, with the new DC Comics solicitations, there have been more. Here is a Ben Oliver cover from 2015, for Lobo #4. And this is the recently solicited […]


Separated At Birth: Francesco Mattina and… Everyone?

It's not like this is the first time that Italian comic book and cover artist Francesco Mattina has been called out for… unexplained similarities in his work to other people. Bleeding Cool was doing it back in 2017, comparing the work of Ian MacDonald to Mattina's Venomized covers. Similar concern was raised regarding alleged similarities between […]

Separated at Birth: Rob Liefeld's Pouch and Kyle Willis' Pouches?

This is a post by Kyle Willis. It is dated 2015. This is "Pouches". Pouches was born from the illustrative style of comic royalty Rob Liefeld. What he lacks in foot size he makes up for in oversized weapons. #pouches #comics #comicbooks #imagecomics #youngblood #robliefeld #littlefeet #comicart #deadpool #cable #newmutants #geeky #nerdy #comiccon #comiccollecting A […]

Separated At Birth: Frank A Kadar's Thing Vs Tejay Henson's Thing

Frank A Kadar is an artist who has worked on Marvel's sketch card line. Tejay Henson is an artist who creates prints and sells them. And Frank is accusing Tejay of ripping him off. Tejay Henson posted on Facebook saying, Now I'm being accused of stealing someone else artwork because mine looks similar. Okay well […]

Separated At Birth – Mad Max and Ninja-K

Here's an upcoming cover to Ninja-K #10 by Giuseppe Camuncoli. But Todd Seavey, author of Libertarianism for Beginners, found it rather familiar… As he dug through his collection of classic movie posters to the original Mad Max. That's right folks, there was a Mad Max film before Fury Road. Three of them actually. I know, who knew? […]

Separated At Birth – Alfred Molina and John Logan's Red and Cully Hamner and Warren Ellis' Red

Red is a play written by John Logan about the painter Mark Rothko. Premiering in 2009 at the Donmar Warehouse in London starring Alfred Molina as Rothko and Eddie Redmayne as his fictional assistant Ken, it transferred to Broadway at the John Golden Theatre in 2010, and won the Tony for Best Play. While Redmayne won the Tony for Best Performance by a Featured Actor in […]

suicide squad

Separated at Birth: Suicide Squad and Heroes for Hire

Suicide Squad #37, out this week, with a cover by Jorge Jimenez. And Heroes For Hire #5 from 11 years ago, by Billy Tucci. Separated at birth? Or strangled at birth? Separated at Birth used to be called Swipe File, in which we presented two or more images that resemble each other to some degree. They […]

batman #39

Separated at Birth: Batman #39 and Action Comics #761 (SPOILERS)

The upcoming issue of Tom King and Joelle Jones's Batman #39 is much anticipated, following on from the very well-received double date at the fair, Batman #37 issue, interrupted by the equally well-received for very different reasons Batman #38 "Origin Of Bruce Wayne", which is still scarred into both my cheeks. But what can we expect? […]

Astonishing Ant-Man red hood

Separated at Birth: Astonishing Ant-Man and Red Hood and the Outlaws

Yesterday saw the release of DC Comics' solicitations for March 2018 — including one for Red Hood and the Outlaws that seemed a little familiar to some… RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #20 Written by SCOTT LOBDELL • Art by DEXTER SOY • Cover by TREVOR HAIRSINE • Variant cover by GUILLEM MARCH Retailers: This […]