Speculator Corner: Image Plus #10, The First Walking Dead Appearance Of… (SPOILERS)


I was totally looking the other way. I was expecting Walking Dead #163, the 25 cent comic book published tomorrow for Image Day, to have some major media-friendly moment that would draw the crowds, maybe soak up some of the quarter-of-a-million copies that have been ordered.

And you know, it does. A bit. And it does represent a sea change for the title.

Bur what I wasn't expecting was for the speculator-friendly moment to be in Image Plus #10, the catalogue, the listings magazine, out the same day, that has been running an origins-of-Negan and origins-of-Lucille strip. Now obviously there is some interest there and I have written about it before.

But I didn't expect at the end of that chapter to have…

Okay, spoiler time. You go any further, that's your lookout. Maybe call your store and reserve your copy for $1.99 tomorrow before it all goes ballistic. Because Image Plus #10 features, in the back, on the final page of the Walking Dead strip, the first appearance of D…


…no, no, it's not Darryl. Yes, I thought it might be, no it really isn't and they do look fairly similar on the comic book page.

Instead it's the first appearance of Dwight, Negan's prominent ally in The Saviors, turned sworn enemy and wielder of Lucille, long before we would meet him in the comic series. Which, you know, is still a thing

Look, he's got a crossbow gun and everything, you can forgive me for thinking it was Darryl.

And, for retailers, Image Plus #10 is still available, right now, from Diamond.

Which is nice.


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