Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Thanos, and More Marvel Zoom Backgrounds

Marvel Comics has released another round of Zoom virtual backgrounds for video conferencing while stuck at home during the pandemic. These new Zoom backgrounds from all variety of sources have been sweeping the nation as the world collectively goes stir-crazy while trying to practice safe social distancing measures. Zoom backgrounds from DC Comics and Marvel Comics have been particularly popular as comic book fans can finally force their unhealthy obsession with funny books on their unsuspecting co-workers.

"That's pretty snazzy, Bob," your boss is likely to say to you when you show up to talk about the latest financial numbers with a slick background featuring popular wall-crawling hero Spider-Man. Let your geek flag fly by picking your favorite superhero, or change them up with each meeting to let everyone at your work know you have way too much time on your hands.

Zoom Backgrounds for All Occasions

Comic-themed Zoom backgrounds aren't just for business, either. You can also use them while chatting with friends and family. If you think your Grandma is freaked out by having to acclimate to the advanced technology of video conferencing, wait until she sees you sitting next to Ant-Man or Iron Man on your next call. And hey, if the shock kills her, you probably saved her a long and painful coronavirus death anyway.

The latest round of Marvel Zoom backgrounds features Spider-Man, Groot, Ant-Man, and Thanos from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you're more of a purist, there are two comic backgrounds, featuring Iron Man and Captain Marvel. The use of the backgrounds is subject to terms dictated by Marvel. Right-click on the images and save them to your computer. Then, follow the instructions on the conferencing software of your choice to set the image as your background. Instructions for doing so with Zoom can be found here. Happy conferencing, dear readers! It's almost as good as going outside and interacting with actual humans in real life. Oh god.

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