DC Releases 18 New Batman Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom Conferencing

The first round of DC Comics virtual backgrounds for Zoom conferencing was a big hit, so DC has returned for another round. This week's eighteen backgrounds are all Batman-centric. You can show your love for all things Gotham City while meeting with co-workers by using these backgrounds in the video conferencing software of your choice. Don't let your co-workers have a cooler background than you; check out the assortment of backgrounds below, choose your favorite, or download them all.

Classic Style Batman Art for Campy Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

If you want to put your whimsical side on display, DC has released a set of nostalgic backgrounds. Show your love for the Dynamic Duo with art from Batman '66, the comic continuation of the sixties Batman series showing Batman and Robin investigating a crime, riding on a snowmobile, or stuck in traffic. There's also some older art from the regular DC Universe if you want something more brightly-colored than your usual Batman atmosphere.


Zoom Backgrounds Featuring Bat-Vehicles for Bat-Gearheads

If you're into something a little more high-octane, DC has a lineup of ten virtual backgrounds featuring Batman's collection of vehicles. You've got the famous Batmobile in its various incarnations. Some backgrounds are highlighting the BatPlane if you want to set a more high-flying mood for your conference call. If you like to conference call dangerously, there are also options featuring the Batcycle. Choose your favorite, or mix them all up.


More Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom Conferencing

If the backgrounds above are a little too energetic for your preferences, DC also has some more atmospheric options. Two backgrounds are featuring the Batsignal at night. You may need to stay outside, but that doesn't mean your virtual background on conference calls can't get some fresh air. There's also one featuring a young Bruce Wayne running around outside Wayne Manor. Watch out for bat-filled, caves, Bruce!

To make use of these backgrounds, right-click on any of the images and save it to your computer. Then, follow the instructions for your favorite video conferencing software to set a background. If you're using the popular Zoom software, you can find instructions here. And if you're looking for something from DC's competition, Marvel has also made some virtual backgrounds available here.

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