Talking to 32 Comics Retailers In Just One Day

Jesse James Criscione of Jesse James Comics in Glendale, Arizona, has been talking about the current state of the comics industry. He writes,

Today was the day of days for our Industry. I was very fortunate to talk to 32 stores today across the nation. Of those, 23 LCS owners I had never met. The common theme was, how do I make it tomorrow.

These 32 stores weren't given up. They just wanted to hear that HOPE was in the future. Many were ready to pivot their Brands to New platforms. Some just wanted to know how it was even possible to to be successful in this climate, we are in now.

Everybody I talked to had their story, their culture and a tradition that stood strong for their fan-base and themselves.

Some had sadness and nervousness in their voices. Others, we laughed the whole time and talked about how they got to today and how they were going to get through tomorrow.

Today, I watched post from every spectrum of our industry. Some Great and some just made no sense. Many blamed the distributor or the publishers. One store even blamed all the other stores that were in red states.

I talked to my good friends Brian PulidoTom HutchisonDre Witt and Jen King about our roles in the future. WE are strong and we are family that sticks together no matter.

Many asked me why I have reached out to help. I have no horse in this race. However, my friends do. So, I'm here not just for this day but for the next and so forth.

So The Days of days is now over. We have a new Day, A day that will bring us all closer together. A day where we bring our customers and fans closer together.

My Brother, Sister and Publishers. They cant hold us down. We will find a way. All of us together will have our Day of Days soon. We can all laugh when that day comes on how we got there.

My best wishes to a bright Future

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