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Team Veronica For Life: Betty And Veronica #3 Review


Finally, after a too long wait, we have Betty and Veronica #3 from Adam Hughes, José Villarubia, and Jack Morelli. The town of Riverdale is currently at war, with people fighting over who's right about commercializing Riverdale or not. Team Betty is not in favor of a corporate takeover, while Team Veronica is totally for it. It all boils down to the big Harvest Dance at Riverdale High, which Betty has insisted will look just like it did in 1941, when Archie first made his glorious world debut. The story is pretty good, with Hughes showing off his exceptional writing and handle on the 75 year old teenagers. Veronica is a good old fashioned bitch, while Betty is a good old fashioned underdog. Tensions are high, and you can pretty much cut the rivalry with a knife.
In one of the funniest scenes I've read in my 25+ years of reading Archie comics, Betty looses her damn mind and proceeds to beat the heck out of Veronica. Hughes shines with his dialogue in these scenes. They are, simply put, comedy gold. The art compliments the story extremely well. Betty and Veronica are both drawn with care and respect. Each character in Riverdale has their own signature look and feel, which really brings this town to life. I sincerely hope this series continues and is on a more regular schedule.

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