Terrific Production LLC Unveils New Logo, Launches Fashion Line

Terrific Production LLC, the new comic book publisher taking Twitter by storm after obtaining the rights to Youngblood and declaring January 1st Youngblood Day, has still not revealed any creative teams or official release dates for any actual comics. They have, however, unveiled new designs for an elite squadron of their fan club, the Terrifically Legion. According to Terrific, the 1st Cohort is "the most elite and experienced, dedicated to the Terrifically Legion objectives to protect our Fans of #comicbooks, #toys, #collectablecards, #videogames." The logo comes in three color variants.

Additionally, Terrific has announced that they will produce fashionable polo shirts embroidered with the logo, revealing concept art for the shirts on Twittter.

The shirt designs are clearly a hit with the Terrifically Legion, with one handsome member complimenting it, resulting in a modeling job offer from Terrific Production.

Unfortunately, it looks like Jeremy Madmartigan already has a prior commitment as the official model for Brawny Paper Towels.

What a terrifically crossover that would be indeed! Sadly, it looks like it's back to the drawing board to find a model, as well as other members of a merchandising team for Terrific's new clothing line.

Unfortunately, it looks like Terrific Production LLC may have some competition already gunning for them.

The saga continues…

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