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Terrific Production LLC Unveils the Insignia of the Terrifically Legion

Years ago, a man named Stan Lee invited fans of Marvel Comics to join the Merry Marvel Marching Society. Fast forward to 2019, and upstart publisher Terrific Production LLC is looking to introduce the spiritual successor to that Marvelous club: The Terrifically Legion.

And in what may be the biggest news to hit comics fandom this weekend, Terrific Production has just unveiled the club's insignia. Terrifically.

In a way, the Terrifically Legion is bigger than the Merry Marvel Marching Society, as it includes not only fans of comics, but also fans of toys, games, movies, and cosplay as well!

And unlike the Merry Marvel Marching Society, which had just one logo, the Terrifically Legion has a variant version as well.

This one is reminiscent of the logos of prestigious universities like Harvard, Princeton, and Hogwarts.

Not only that, but the logo apparently contains coded messages that members of the Terrifically Legion can decipher.

You know what, we're pretty sure our neighbor's dog was telling us something about T.P. Executive Order 13526 the other day. We're gonna have to look into that.

Unfortunately, when you are running a popular and inclusive comics club, sometimes all people want to do is tear you down. Such is the way for the Terrifically Legion, which soon found its great logo under attack.

Undaunted, leader Andrew Rev was quick to stand up for this graphic designer who, just like the five-person social media team that runs the Twitter account, is totally not Andrew Rev himself messing around with a copy of Print Shop on an old Commodore 64.

Apparently, the artist behind the Terrifically Legion logo owns over $200 million worth of clothes, which is more than anyone needs. Nevertheless, even someone that wealthy can have feelings.

In any case, though unwilling to stand for abuse against this superstar designer, Rev is also a diplomat.

And now, this eager young graphic designer may have a job offer from Terrific.

That is, provided he is very goo. Just a little goo doesn't cut it around here.

The saga continues…

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