The Children Of The Atom's Origins Finally Revealed (Spoilers)

The Hellfire Gala may be over, but Children Of The Atom is playing catchup, and in the new issue, we get to see how Carmen managed to make it onto the island, as seen in the Hellfire Gala timeline. Which we may now have to update a little. Because while Carmen (or Gimmick) is now a mutant, the rest of the team is not. Their trip into space on a random alien spaceship was indeed the source of their powers – not through cosmic rays as I previously suspected, but through technology garnered on the trip. And the Krakoan text pages reveal all the characters, the powers, and how they are

The Children Of The Atom's Origins Finally Revealed (Spoilers)
The Children Of The Atom's Origins Finally Revealed (Spoilers)

Source: Alien technology of unknown origin

Beatrice "Buddy" Bartholomew, A.K.A Cyclops-Lass. Heatbeam/laser-cutting tech inside her visor. The kids theorize that this is welding technology.

Gabriel "Gabe" Brathwaite, A.K.A. Cherub. Flight via thrusters that look like wings, and a sonic/acoustic blast, from a tool that is disguised as a hand harp. The kids theorize this is mobility and demolition tech.

Carmen Maria Cruz, A.K.A. Gimmick. Absorption and manipulation of kinetic energy and the ability to charge objects with that energy through gauntlets/gloves — charged objects discharge energy through controlled explosions. The kids theorize that this is some sort of excavation technology.

Benjamin "Benny" Thomas, A.K.A. Marvel Guy. Can affect living beings through pheromones via a small handheld tool incorporated into his gloves — it appears as if it is psychic suggestion, but is closer to a chemically induced empathic suggestion. The kids theorize this tech was primarily used to clear areas of animals or maybe as a perimeter control, as it doesn't cause any lasting changes/harm.

Jason "Jay Jay" Thomas, A.K.A. Daycrawler, A.K.A. Nighty-Nightcrawler. Short-range teleportation of self and/or of other objects via a small teleportation-field generator on his belt controlled in his gloves, which operates a little like folding space or opening a small wormhole. The kids theorize this tech is to aid in sample gathering: (Note: The smoke comes from a small smoke machine that Carmen rigged to go off whenever Jay Jay teleports.)

The Children of the Atom also have headgear that blocks telepathy — they got them off the mutant paraphernalia black market. Some are pieces of old Magneto helmets that were modified and sold, others are from unknown origins. Carmen modified them and incorporated them into costumes.

Children Of The Atom #5 is published by Marvel Comics tomorrow, a preview runs here… and it looks as if August's #6 may be the big finale, with Carmen at the Hellfire Gala – and the rest of the team not…

The Children Of The Atom's Origins Finally Revealed (Spoilers)

(W) Vita Ayala (A) Paco Medina (CA) R. B. Silva
COTA'S BEEN CAPTURED! Someone is out for revenge on the X-MEN and you'll never guess who! The CHILDREN OF THE ATOM, caught in the crossfires of the war on mutants, need a hero. And that hero might just be among them! Rated T+In Shops: Jul 07, 2021 SRP: $3.99

(W) Vita Ayala (A) Paco Medina (CA) R. B. Silva
NO ONE LIKES GOODBYES! The Hellfire Gala is here! A.K.A. the most important party of the YEAR! The truth finally comes out for the COTA kids. Plus: A heartbreaking goodbye…maybe, forever? Rated T+In Shops: Aug 11, 2021 SRP: $3.99

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