The Daily LITG, 6th March 2020 – Liverpool Comic Con Begins

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The 10 most-read stories yesterday

  1. Jim Lee – Not "Ageing Up Characters or Shuffling Them Off" For 5G
  2. Man Who Writes 6-Dollar X-Men Comics Amused by How Affordable They Used to Be
  3. Black Cat's Brand New Costume… Iron Cat
  4. LATE: Doom Patrol, Legion Of Super-Heroes, Metal Men, Birds of Prey at DC Comics
  5. The Return of WildCATS and All the Delicious Contradictions Of The DC Timeline in Flash #750 (Spoilers)
  6. Funko Not Deserting ECCC Over Coronavirus Fears… And Others
  7. DC Cancels Six Days TPB, and Orders For Inferior Five and Batman vs Ra's Al Ghul #5 and #6
  8. X-Men vs Sentinel Gets a Second Statue with Iron Studios
  9. Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo's New Joker Story, For Both Deluxe Hardcover and 80th Anniversary Special
  10. How Kevin Eastman Found Out He Was No Longer Publisher of Heavy Metal Magazine
  11. Brexit (Finally) Sees ComiXology UK Increase Prices By 67%, With Pound Dollar 1:1 Parity
  12. No, Onward Does Not Have Post-Credit Scenes… But It Has Something For The Real Geeks

One year ago…

  1. DC Cancels Superman/Batman Vol.7, Will Resolicit in 61 Years
  2. Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History… But Also Preserves Some Of It, Sadly (SPOILERS)
  3. [SPOILER-FREE] Are the Captain Marvel Post-Credit Scenes Worth Staying For? Who Cameos? And Can You Take Kids?
  4. DC Comics to Start Detective Comics Numbering Again With Vol 1
  5. DC Switching to Longer Hardcover Collections of Ongoing Series?
  6. What Happens When Your Comic Is Cancelled Three Issues In? Green Arrow #50 Preview

Happening today…

  • AMC at the Cartoon Museum. Regular bi-weekly Friday evening life drawing sessions with Art Model Collective. Professional models pose with playful props and evocative soundtrack, drawing inspiration from the Cartoon Museum's vast archive. Tickets: £15 in advance, £20 on the door. Entry includes admission to the museum and free art materials courtesy of GreatArt. Plenty of table space, drawing boards and a couple of easels available. 7-9:30pm. Cartoon Museum, Wells Street, London
  • Cloudshops: Writing Grants for Comics, Cloudscape Comics, Vancouver, British Columbia 7-9pm
  • Liverpool Comic Con, Exhibition Centre, King's Dock, Liverpool, until Sunday

The Daily LITG, 6th March 2020 - Liverpool Comic Con Begins

Happy birthday to…

  • Joe Pangrazio, creator of Canny Cthulhu Holmes
  • Nathan Massengill, inker on Deadpool and JSA.
  • Mariah Benes, inker on Teen Titans, Ms Marvel, Superman.
  • Tone Rodriguez, Simpsons artist.
  • Grant Richards, artist of Away graphic novel.
  • Louis Bright-Raven, editor, writer, and illustrator.
  • Mike Burkey, comic book art dealer.
  • Chris Johnson, artist on The Boy With A Balloon For A Head.
  • Richard Dean Starr, writer on Hellboy, Zorro, Kolchak.

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