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Scam Of The Year – The 14th Annual Rumour Awards
Epic Fail. Serial conman Josh Hoopes returned, this time posing as one Samitri Banks, single mother artist, and offering work for a number of projects on Kickstarter, and commissioning art from others to fill that need Taking the money for the work, not paying the artists with no one realising what is happening until it's too[...]
Now Josh Hoopes Targets Kickstarter Projects As 'Samitra Banks'
Recently, Bleeding Cool exposed the latest identity of serial comics industry conman, Josh Hoopes, as one Samitra Banks And, in the process, manages to save at least one person from commissioning work from this fictitious identity. Josh Hoopes poses as a single mother with a five year old daughter in need of work and showing plenty[...]
Comics Conman Josh Hoopes Returns, Posing As 'Samitra Banks'
Josh Hoopes has been the bane of my life for well over a decade Bring yourself up to speed here, but know this He is a conman, based in Sacramento, California and Peru With a juvenile criminal record, he began scamming the most vulnerable, comic book artist starting out, and small comic book publishers. The scam[...]
Leverage Turns Josh Hoopes Into A Work Of Fiction
And who do they use? Why someone who's a cross between Rob Granito and Josh Hoopes And where did they come across this kind of activity? One one place… Leverage was a TV show, recently cancelled, that was basically a cross between The A-Team and Not A Penny More Not A Penny Less, Robin[...]
Did Josh Hoopes Scam Stratum Comics And An Unknown Artist, Posing As Tucker Doud?
Earlier today we ran another example of Josh Hoopes using his Tucker Doud pseudonym on DeviantArt And then we googled it further. Oh dear. In July this year, Stratum Comics published a comic book, Threat #1 by Xeric Award Winners Matt Schmidt and Vince Chuter, and Jordi Perez Estevez. It had a cover by Tucker Doud. And therein lies[...]
Josh Hoopes From Scamming Comics To Scamming Games
Josh Hoopes is a con man operating in the comics industry. Over many years, we have covered his attempts to con publishers by taking assignments for small amounts of money, hire artists to do the work for him for large amounts of money and then disappear, leaving publishers believing they have work they have paid for[...]
Josh Hoopes Scams Two More On DeviantArt
Posing as Greg Garwood, Josh Hoopes has scammed two more people. Jessica writes; I posted on the DeviantArt forum job section enlisting a comic artist for a short story  Many replied, but he was the most persistant and cordial  I'd ask for character drawings as an audition and he was able to produce one, so he seem[...]
Wasting Josh Hoopes' Time Over His Wizard Scam
Special thanks to Alistair, Bleeding Cool writer, who strung this along so much. Bleeding Cool had repeatedly covered the story that comic industry conman Josh Hoopes was scamming young creators for hundreds, thousands of dollars, by posing as a non-existing Wizard World executive called Greg Garwood This time, however, we decided to go all the way[...]
Josh Hoopes Continues To Scam People With Fake Todd McFarlane Sketches, As "Greg Garwood"
But he doesn't seem to have stopped. Masquerading as one "Greg Garwood", Josh Hoopes is continuing to approach dealers trying to sell sketches (below) purporting to be by Todd McFarlane Bleeding Cool has received confirmation from Todd, if confirmation were needed, that these are fakes. He has already scammed one respected dealer and is continuing to do[...]
Comics Conman Josh Hoopes Moves Wizard Scam To ConceptArt.Org
Now it seems that Josh Hoopes has set up the same scam at, again posing as someone called Greg Garwood and providing an e-mail address too… Remember, this is not Wizard, none of this is true, he is just trying to scam people or their work and money… It was pulled from People Per Hour[...]
Josh Hoopes Tried The Wizard Scam Again, Posing As Greg G
THey managed to get the piece taken down. Comic book industry conman Josh Hoopes has recently been posing as one Greg Garwood He has previously tried a similar scam posing as a Wizard Magazine representative – that time he conned $1700 out of a South African writer, at least. Hoopes, after laying silent for many months, seems[...]
When Josh Hoopes Stole From His Place Of Work… And From Artist Pasquale Qualano
In our many investigations of the comic indusry conman Josh Hoopes, we discovered that he was working at a saw mill in Sacramento, California, appropriately ACME Saw. However, it appears now that he is no longer working there, thought through no action of ours. Instead he was fired by the company for stealing tools from the company[...]
The Todd McFarlane And Art Adams Fakes By Josh Hoopes
Only when Burkey paid did he realise that the receipt said "josh hoopes", the name of the comic industry's most infamous conman. Josh Hoopes has, it seemed, moved on from trying to con the small press and wannabee creators, to aiming at a potentially more lucrative art market And for some reason, still focusing on Art[...]
"Greg Garwood" – The New Pseudonym Of Josh Hoopes
Josh Hoopes, famed comic industry conman, is using a new pseudonym, to accompany Ron Runstrom, Lalit Kumal and David Johnson, namely one Greg Garwood. I am aware of one specific individual who paid Greg a large sum in order to secure artwork only to find that the Paypal receipt came back from one Josh Hoopes[...]