The Page Of Immortal X-Men #7 Kieron Gillen "Executed" By Himself

In his newsletter, Kieron Gillen talks about some of the nine Judgment Day tie-ins published today, specifically the three that he wrote. And pointing out that you probably shouldn't have read AXE: Starfox #1 from last week as it is set to happen after all of them. "A lot of AXE, before the final issue next week. AXE: Eternals continues the tripartite focus on the key players putting those pieces in place for later, Immortal X-Men #7 focuses on Nightcrawler's actions during AXE 5… and afterwards, and Death to the Mutants #3 does the same from the Eternal side, though with less (but more than zero) Nightcrawler. One of these three issues includes the first Marvel page I executed entirely by myself. See if you can spot it. You'll be able to spot it."

I was indeed able to spot it. Kieron Gillen does, if nothing else, like a fanzine. And to make a fanzine. I still have a few of his over the years around the place. And this one happens to be a fanzine from the side of populist, bigoted hatred, making well-reasoned, rational viewpoints – because of the chasm that divides fictional worlds from real ones.

The Page Of Immortal X-Men #7 Kieron Gillen "Executed" By Himself

Talking of which, Kieron also talked about his collaboration with fellow British Xbook writers and colleagues, saying "Legion of X #6 coming out this week got me thinking of Si, Al and I. In terms of what our books did in Judgment Day, the nesting structure of X-Men Red #5 being inside Judgment Day #1, and Legion of X #6 being inside X-men Red #5 is a fun example of how we can work together intricately and additively, as well as – I think – showing how emotionally we commit to playing with each other's ideas. In today's Immortal X-Men #7 you see me trying to write the Spark, as Si conceived it. In Legion of X #6, you see Si take Uranos and make him a monster of blank-eyed verse. I think a crossover made entirely of that kind of interplay is going to be really strong. I mean, I'm not even sure "crossover" is the right word – that's commerce again. I want to use the word "collaboration.""

And you can! Immortal X-Men, and all the other comics were published by Marvel Comics today. And Starfox last week. Kieron drew a picture of that as well.

How Does Everything Fit Together In Judgment Day Today? (Spoilers)

(W) Kieron Gillen (A) Lucas Werneck (CA) Mark Brooks
A SERIOUS BAMF! – A.X.E. TIE-IN! Even if you're the heart of the X-Men, there're days you want to tear out people's heart. Judgment day is one of them. What extreme steps will Nightcrawler take in the name of the Spark? Rated T+In Shops: Oct 12, 2022 SRP: $3.99

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