This Doctor Who Comic Is Paul Cornell's Last Licensed Work – Gallifrey One 2017

This year was the 28th Gallifrey One, the longest running annual fan-run Doctor Who convention, but this year was my first time attending. It was also Titan Comics first time attending, and on Saturday they had their own panel, Titan Publishing: The Doctor Who Adventures Panel. Chris Thompson (Brand Manager for Titan Comics, Host of the Pop Culture Hound podcast, and former contributor to Bleeding Cool), moderated the panel, and who described Titan Comics by saying, "At Titan Comics, we have issues." On the panel were Paul Cornell, writer on The Third Doctor, Christopher Jones, artist on The Third Doctor, Rachael Stott, artist on The Twelfth Doctor ongoing series and as she described herself "Rachael Stott, covered in my own mouth juice" due to her spitting her coffee out on accident earlier, Nick Abadzis, writer on The Tenth Doctor, and Richard Dinnick, who was there to be announced to be working a Doctor Who title later in the panel. There would also be a surprise guest later in the panel.

After intros, the discussion was kicked off with The Third Doctor series, which five issue run is now complete. Cornell said, "This is my final Doctor Who work, because I am giving up all licensed properties and concentrating on just doing my own characters from now on, and I really wanted to end it well. So I've given John Pertwee a moment of charm right at the end, where he seats down and talks to Jo about the importance of moving on. So I basically put my life into John Pertwee's mouth."


Abadzis discussed writing The Tenth Doctor for almost the entire Titan run. Abadzis said the stories he's writing take place between Planet of the Dead and The Water of Mars, and as such he tries to shape the Doctor to provide the answers as to how the Doctor ends up the way he does in The Water of Mars.

The conversation moved to Richard Dinnick, who written a number of Doctor Who scripts for Big Finish, who was announced to be the new writer on The Twelfth Doctor ongoing series, starting with the July 5th issue, and it will include the Doctor's new companion, Bill. To prepare for this, Richard was shown the scripts for the first eight episodes of the upcoming series so he could get her voice. He said that an enemy in his stories will also be in the new television series, the Ice Warriors. He also said there will be Vikings in his comic books. It was also discussed that on Free Comic Book Day there will be a Doctor Who book, with the first appearance of Bill in the comics. The artist on his run will be Brian Williamson.

Thompson then did a bit of a tease for some upcoming books. He said later in the year Titan will be releasing the next miniseries with The Doctor. He said, "I was walking through the office one day and I heard 'master plan', and I said that sounds Ace." I will translate the hints provided by Thompson and say that we should expect the series to involve The Seventh Doctor, as one of his companions was Ace, and based on the "master plan" hint, should involve the Doctor's longtime nemesis and fellow Time Lord, The Master.

Thompson then invited Tony Lee to the stage for another tease. Lee had done a lot of writing on Doctor Who during the IDW run. Thompson said that they would be putting Lee and Jones together on a crossover of sorts, but couldn't say what it is and that it wouldn't be until 2018. Lee said, "This is the best thing ever." He also said it will be related to an old Doctor Who episode that he and Jones discussed. Thompson did add what seemed to be a hint of sorts saying, "All I will say is, that these two are on fire right now."

The Five Claras print by Christopher Jones
The Five Claras print by Christopher Jones

The panel, like most of what Titan did over the weekend, was very entertaining, and I feel that  Tony, Rachael, and Christopher Jones should think about getting together to form a comedy group because they had the audience rolling throughout the panel.

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Rich adds: We knew Paul Cornell was no longer working with Jimmy Brixton – looks like he'll no longer be working on Vampirella either. Or Captain Britain.  

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