Tim Drake Is… No Longer Tim Drake?

There may be spoilers for Teen Titans #0 here. Yes, more spoilers than this morning, all though it all ties in. Going forward, you should be warned. Because we go to the very last page of the comic here. As well as the first page too. Which shows us this.

Tim Drake Is… No Longer Tim Drake?

Tim. Doing his thing.

Throughout the book, that's how he's referred to. Just Tim. No longer an orphan, no longer actually managing to work out who Batman is (though he does his darnest), just plain old Tim.

Until the last page, after his parents have entered witness protection, after he also gets a new identity…

Tim Drake Is… No Longer Tim Drake?

…he is now Tim Drake.

Which means, before, he wasn't.

SO Tim who? Tim Arkham? Tim Fries? Tim Kyle? Tim Brown? Tim Gordon? Tim Chill? So many possibilities…

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