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Interior preview page from Tim Drake: Robin #1
Tim and Bernard make things official when someone says the "b" word on a date in this preview of Tim Drake: Robin #1 No, not "batarang…" It's "boyfriend." Check out the preview below. TIM DRAKE: ROBIN #1 DC Comics 0722DC034 0722DC035 – Tim Drake: Robin #1 Jorge Jimenez Cover – $4.99 (W) Meghan Fitzmartin (A) Riley Rossmo (CA) Ricardo Lopez[...]
When Tim Drake Introduces Bernard Dowd To Stephanie Brown (Spoiler)
And, for a brief time, she was dating Tim Drake, known as The Third Robin Red Robin Or just Robin, depending on your continuity Recently, as first revealed in Bleeding Cool, Tim Drake found himself dating an old school friend, Bernard Dowd, his first on-panel relationship with another man Since then, he has told Batman[...]
Belen Ortega Teases Return Of Tim Drake And Bernard Dowd
The DC Pride: Tim Drake Special being published by DC Comics in June 2022, will collect the  Robin stories from Batman: Urban Legends from last year that saw Tim Drake meet up with an old friend, Bernard Dowd, and ends up going on a date with him Though the date never actually happens, he does[...]
How Superman: Son Of Kal-El #6 Came To Switch Out Robins
When DC Comics sent out previews to retailers for the recently-published Superman: Son Of Kal-El #6 by Tom Taylor and John Timms, it caused a little hubbub with comic stores, who noticed that the comic featured Tim Drake Which meant that the comic would feature two recently-revealed bisexual young male superheroes of the DC Universe[...]
What Relation Is Nero XIX To Tim Drake's Boyfriend?
This is Bernard Dowd, Tim Drake's boyfriend, a young man who is handy enough with his fists to stand alongside Robin, even if he occasionally gets kidnapped. And occasionally plays dumb, for the cameras, and for Tim Drake. In today's Detective Comics #1047, we meet another Dowd Roy Dowd Who also goes by another name. Which saw him[...]
Superpowers, Costume & Origin For Jay Nakamura (Superman #6 Spoilers)
Although, you never know who will turn up on a job. Superman: Son Of Kal-El #6 preview Sorry, sorry, wrong Robin, It seems that one of the reasons this comic book may have been delayed is so DC Comics could switch Robins out, replacing Tim Drake, also recently revealed to be a young bisexual man… Superman: Son Of[...]
Batman Talks To Robin About His Boyfriend, Today (Spoilers)
Today sees the very, very long-awaited Batman: Urban Legends #10, which was meant to have featured Tim Drake's second date with his old school friend Bernard Dowd. It's part of a storyline first revealed by Bleeding Cool with Tim Drake as a bisexual young man, getting his first proper boyfriend – and recognising the split between[...]
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In July, Bleeding Cool broke the news that DC Comics was looking to define Tim Drake, the third Robin, as a young bisexual man And in August, that came to pass in Batman: Urban Legends #6, in a story written by Meghan Fitzmartin when Robin came out about his feelings for his longtime schoolfriend Bernard[...]
Tim Drake Finally Goes Out With Bernard In Batman: Urban Legends #10
But Tim Drake, Robin, did get in there first – there was just a four-month wait between the promises of Batman: Urban Legends #6 and Batman: Urban Legends #10 Why such a delay? Because DC Comics really didn't plan for there to be all that fuss But Batman: Urban Legends #10, with Tim Drake finally[...]
Jonathan Kent, The New Superman, Out As Bisexual From DC Comics
Equally, a month before that we also broke the news that Tim Drake, a longstanding Robin in the DC Universe since the nineties, was also to be a bisexual young man And the usual types of voices we are sadly used to hearing, saw some kind of conspiracy, that this was all part of some[...]
Could Clownhunter Be Tim Drake's New Boyfriend? (Batspoilers)
A few months ago, Bleeding Cool broke the news that Tim Drake, Batman's third Robin, would be revealed as a bisexual young man In the Batman: Urban Legends comic book from DC Comics, he was seen going on a date with an old school friend Bernard Dowd Many news headlines followed our confirmation last week, full of headlines about[...]
Bisexual Robin Means Batman Urban Legends #6 Gets A Second Print
And while Red Hood swearing off guns and Zealot's history with Wonder Woman being slowly revealed may have caused interest, it was worldwide attention on a story that Bleeding Cool ran some time ago, that DC Comics was going to have Tim Drake, Batman's third Robin, reveal himself as bisexual It wasn't entirely there in the[...]
Tim Drake, Robin, Bisexual Or Bi-Curious? You Must Wait Till December
Spoiler time! You have been warned! Two months ago, Batman: Urban Legends #4 featured Tim Drake – Robin – in the strip "The Sum Of Its Parts" by Meghan Fitzmartin, Belen Ortega, and Alejandro Sanchez With Tim Drake looking at his future plans, reassessing his life, with Barbara Gordon telling him that "what you find is[...]
DC Comics To Reveal That Tim Drake, Robin, Is Bisexual
In last month's Batman: Urban Legends #4, Tim Drake – Robin – was featured in the strip "The Sum Of Its Parts" by Meghan Fitzmartin, Belen Ortega, and Alejandro Sanchez With Tim Drake looking at his future plans, reassessing his life, with Barbara Gordon telling him that "what you find is going to change you."[...]
Pretty impressive, right? But did you notice there was a very important name (and image) missing? Thankfully, that was fixed earlier today. Image: Screencap That's right, there wasn't a look at Jay Lycurgo's Tim Drake- but now there is, thanks to Lycurgo sharing a look at his character in the following Instagram post:   View this post on Instagram   A[...]