Tim Drake Is Not Robin, Was Never Meant To Me Robin

Will Romine reports for Bleeding Cool from NYCC;

The DC Entertainment Meet the Co Publishers Panel was a lot like a glass of warm milk: refreshing, intimate, and unpretentious. My friend Tre-Lin and her husband Rick agree.

Misters Dan Didio, Jim Lee, and Bob Wayne held court in a small room and engaged in a little q and a. One of the items addressed was the trade paperback recon of Tim's role as Red Robin. Apparently, Tim was never intended to be a Robin-in-name and that the Robin reference was a mistake from the get go, rather than a change of mind later down the line. The panel also confirmed DC's commitment to maintain a cohesive universe and to correct mistakes in the trade if such a correction would help maintain that continuity.

[Rich adds: The Ministry Of Truth says so, folks!]

Also, DC will be launching a sci fi comic called Threshhold, which will contain two features. First, a hero called Captain K-Rot (carrot?) who lost his leg and is chasing the guy who took it. Second, a Larfleeze feature.

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