Today Is Red Nose Day In The UK. Don't Expect To Get Much Done.


Today is Red Nose Day, the biannual telethon that raises money for Comic Relief, spending it on the most vulnerable in the UK and Africa. The day is awash with celebrities doing very silly things indeed and the general public being encouraged to "be funny for money". It will culminate in a telethon this evening that usually features comedians doing special projects, often featuring the people they have been prone to parody. The Stephen Hawking remix of the Little Britain "Andy & Lou" sketches has gained a lot of attention, as has new Mr Bean material, a Daniel Craig/Roger Moore James Bond matchoff,


Some comic book folk are getting in on the act as well. The Beano has given this week's issue over to the charity completely.


Bevis Musson is trying to raise money for Red Nose Day again by doing a large group drawing with people donating and then nominating which character to add. Two years ago he raised nearly £400 with this


And this year's version currently looks like this…


Whoever donates the highest amount will receive the full inked version once it's done.

Last time Martin Hand's Dodgy Drawings Challenge saw him draw 70 drawings and raise £660. And he's doing it again, for the minimum pledge of £1 or $2 he will digitally draw you any character in his own distinct and definitely dodgy style, and has currently topped £900 or $1300. You can sponsor him here and you can see this year's examples right here.

He is a legend…


The Cartoonists Club of Great Britain have issued an ebook of 101 cartoons for £1.59 for Comic Relief.


The superhero variant of the Red Nose has caused all sorts of superhero related activity as well.

Red Nose Day heroes1.jpg-pwrt2

Such as the staff at Specsavers in High Road, North Finchley, have raised more than £200 by dressing up as superheroes for the charity.


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