Tom King And Mitch Gerads Reteam For A DC Superhero 12 Issue Series In August… Legion? But First, Batman And Catwoman….

The Vision. Omega Men. Sheriff Of Babylon. Tom King does well with his twelve issue series.

And it looks like he has another coming, with Sheriff Of Babylon's Mitch Gerard, from DC Comics.

Talking to the Word Balloon podcast, with John Sientres, he talks about working with DC on the Batbooks, his process and his working relationship – including that Jason Fabok will be drawing an upcoming arc on Batman, that Sheriff Of Babylon 2 will be scheduled in a year and a half, but he and Mitch have another DC superhero series together, doing a follow up to The Vision for DC Comics. He talked about how any Sheriff work he and Mitch do, Warner Bros co-own it, as part of their original contract.

But he also talked about he and Mitch pitching a Batman limited series to DC that was accepted, something with a Year One-tone horrible edge, but his Bat editor wanted that story in the main book instead. Which left Ton and Mitch without a separate book together. So at Baltimore Comic Con, Tom got drunk with Dan DiDio, Dan asked him to name a property to write, Tom said he didn't care, he asked Dan to give him something, as that's what happened with Vision. So Dan threw out a few ideas – including Atomic Knights – but Tom went for another, he was asked to do whatever he wanted with it, he pitched it the next day, and Mitch is on board. And scheduled for August.

But what it is?

Well, could it be Legion Of Superheroes? Tom was on a panel of writers at Baltimore Comic Con who Dan DiDio said contained the writer who would be bringing back the Legion. He used a Legionnaire in his original Omega Men pitch.

And in a chapter of Batman, we have seen an anonymous Legionnaire trapped in the present, previously seen in DC Rebirth.


But all this seems to planned well ahead from the DC Rebirth, while the King/Gerads book looks like it should be more random. And could have been Atomic Knights after all. There are plenty of other possibilities…

So first, today's Batman #14 by King and Gerads, is the first of a Batman/Catwoman two-parter in which he has saved her life…


…but first they have a life to live.


You can do an awful lot in one night.


One More Night? This is the issue planned to make everything between Batman and Catwoman all right again…

Thanks to Nick for double image check.

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