Tom King is Working on the "Follow-Up" to Mister Miracle and Vision

Superstar writer and former C.I.A. badass Tom King isn't just the writer of Batman wedding tragedies, gruesome Lois Lane death scenes, and shocking super-mega-crossover event comics where everyone receiving treatment for PTSD is killed by The Flash. He also does less lighthearted, more serious, intellectual work too, such as Vision with Gabriel Hernandez Walta and Mister Miracle with Mitch Gerads. And now… something new.

King took to Twitter to announce the follow-up to those two cerebral projects, perhaps sensing that today was a slow news day. Or perhaps he didn't sense it. Perhaps Tom King's CIA contacts have been surveilling the 24-hour comics news cycle and he received detailed intelligence reports about it. Either way, King knew we needed something to spice up our clicks, and he delivered with the following tweet:

No word yet on what the series will be about, but King did reveal that it would be a 12-issue mini-series and that it would have "a lot of ambition." King also said that he's scared of the project, which is really saying something considering Jack Bauer in the television show 24 is based on King's real-life experiences as the lone man standing between America and total destruction at the hands of terrorism.

We'll continue to monitor King's Twitter feed, and probably continue to have the C.I.A. monitor us monitoring King's Twitter feed, until we learn more on this exciting story.

Tom King is Working on the "Follow-Up" to Mister Miracle and Vision

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