Top Alternative Publisher Comics of 2017 #4: Captain Kronos #1 by Dan Abnett and Tom Mandrake

Cards on the table, I still haven't gotten around to watching the movie this comic is based upon. Sue me.

This is one of those comics that was just plain fun and stuck with me long after other comics faded from my mind. Captain Kronos #1 by Dan Abnett and Tom Mandrake is swashbuckling, vampire-murdering, bloody fun.

Captain Kronos #1 cover by Mike Perkins and Andy Troy
Captain Kronos #1 cover by Mike Perkins and Andy Troy

Captain Kronos is joined by his allies, Carla and Grost, as they travel across Europe, answering supernatural threat with sword and arrow. Captain Kronos himself is a steely and cold leader of the cadre. He wields a pair of silver swords designed to cut bloody swaths through demonic hordes. Grost is the tactician and a generally ornery old bastard. Carla is the eager and upbeat killer with a crossbow.

Is it especially deep or nuanced? No, it's not. Is it loads of fun? Hell yeah. Sometimes you do just need a comic to sit back and have fun with. Considering the year we just had as…well a planet, I think we're all entitled to a little vampire-murdering fun.

Dan Abnett has been bringing me some great reads lately, between this, Aquaman, Titans, and last year's Hercules. That's not even mentioning Heroes for Hire and Guardians of the Galaxy going farther back. Tom Mandrake provides some gorgeous, energetic, and gory artwork worthy of the lead characters and the comic's roots. Sian Mandrake gives an appropriately gothic color palette to complete the feeling of a rundown world full of vampires, demons, and ghouls.

I returned to this series with Captain Kronos #3, and that one was a ton of fun too. This looks to be one of the best comics coming out of the Titan Comics, and that's saying a lot because they do have a solid output.

Captain Kronos is a fun and bloody romp and deserves its place on this list.

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