Valiant's Top Secret War Mother Hits Shelves This Week

This week we finally get to see Valiant's "Top-Secret" new hero. They one they wouldn't tell us about as they started promoting their summer event, 4001 A.D., but now she is revealed. 4001 A.D.: War Mother #1 hits stands on Wednesday from Fred Van Lente and artist Tomas Giorello and it has a slight post-apocalyptic / Tank Girl feel to it. It ships with covers by David Mack, Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic, Cary Nord, Andres Guinaldo and Ryan Lee.

In the 41st century, much of the planet has been reduced to a barren wasteland. New Japan orbits the Earth as a floating oasis that towers over the ashes of the old world. The survivors of this desolate new age, robbed of the planet's once-lush natural resources, must endure great hardships to survive. Amidst the devastation, one outpost of scientific knowledge has thrived by adhering to a strict code of isolation. But even the denizens of this walled city must venture out into the wasteland to gather supplies from the remnants of what was. This task is designated to one and one alone: War Mother.

But all is not peaceful, even in New Japan. When the space-faring empire begins jettisoning city-sized sectors to Earth during the onset of a civil war, War Mother is called upon with a new mission: mega-salvage! Armed with a newly born sentient sniper rifle, War Mother is a one-woman army bent on sacking the crash-landed sector's technology-laden debris for anything of value to her tribe. But, as calm turns to chaos, Sector 8146 will reveal a telling secret about Earth's true order that will collide War Mother against her community, her code, and her calling…and bring destruction down upon one of humanity's last surviving outposts of order.

Looking at the art, the book feels like something that would be at home in the pages of a European graphic novel… like something from Humanoids. The one shot gives you enough to make you want to see more. Definitely worth picking up.

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