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Watch The DC Comics Rebirth Announcements At Wondercon Here. Updating Live… (DELAYED)

Watch the DC Rebirth Panel as it happens, right here, when it starts, on the hour…

Add comments below and the best ones will be added to the article. Developing and updating throughout.

danA couple of hours before the panel, a DC Comics creator at the show, presumably on the panel, messaged me to ask when the hell it was happening. Glad to be of service!

Hmm. The half hour countdown suggest we're only getting half an hour of programming, And they are late. Or… are we going to have to wait another half hour?

Here we go. Well, I mean, we have music.

UPDATE: Yup it has been delayed a half hour. Must be rushing to get those final pages lined up.

Aaron Haaland4m

Honestly, I'm just here to see a book announced with Ted Kord Blue Beetle! If DC does that, I'm happy. They can it The Blue Beetles and have both Ted and Jamie, as long as I get my Teddy back!

We have Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, Scott Snyder and John Romita Jr, Robert Venditti, Gene Luen Lang, Dan Jurgens… and doughnuts.


Welcome to DC All Access' Tiffany Smith? Can she turn the camera on?

UPDATE: Peter S Svensson writes for Bleeding Cool

I'm here at the DC Rebirth Live Event at WonderCon. The room is filled to capacity with DC fans, hoping for new exciting announcements. DC did a solid and gave attendees DC-themed donuts as thanks for waiting since 7:00 AM for some people for this experience.

I'll be updating this as new announcements begin. This panel will also be streaming on Youtube, but why listen to a panel when you can read my witty commentary on what's going on?

The panel is about to begin! The crowd has been warned about the livestreaming, and told to be excited about the event, we ask that there is no video recording, pull the embed off the youtube channel, take photos. Lots of memorable events. No Flash Photography. GL Photography is okay.

Tiffany Smith of DC All Access is here. She's taken the microphone, are you excited for Rebirth? Use the #DCRebirth on social media, she says. "Just a minute we'll be starting."

Rich writes:

Diane Nelson is in the house. Jim Lee opens the panel. Dan DiDio talks about reconnecting with the fans. That DC may have lost their way. And Geoff Johns talks about how Dan DiDio throws in creative grenades to the office… like ending the comics with #52 and doing a Rebirth.

Geoff Johns states that the New 52 is not – was not a reboot – but one chapter of the DC Universe.

Peter Svensson writes:

DC Rebirth promo video is shown, featuring DC events from the JSA's first appearance, hitting the major highlights all the way to the Silver Age, the Bronze Age, heading to the New 52, with stops at the Killing Joke, Howard Porter's JLA and Hellblazer in between.

Co-Publishers come to the stage, starting with Dan Didio and Jim Lee.

Jim talks about being in comics for 30 years, and is excited about the livestream. He thanks the crew making this livestream possible. Both the DC crew, including Diane Nelson, and the WonderCon staff. He then thanks the fans, for braving LA traffic and the "terrible LA winters" to make it. Rebirth is about making the comics more vibrant and exciting, but it's all because of the fans.

Dan Didio answers why Rebirth, and why now? He remembers when he first started reading comics, and when he started at DC 14 years ago, and how excited he is to be at DC. A commitment to make the books as exciting, been here at the beginning, lead up to Infinite Crisis, launched New 52, you can feel it. Sometimes you lose your way, you lose your connection to the fans. The purpose of Rebirth, showing recommitment to the fans, to the ideas.

A little teaser piece, New 52 had something missing. The fans were missing, who is missing on stage. Who understands the characters. Geoff Johns.

He enters the stage, looking snazzy in a leather jacket. Geoff explains that he loves comics, comics are the first love he has. He talked about when Dan Didio saying that he'd end the books at 52, and relaunch with #1. Johns was skeptical, Rebirth is not a rebirth, the New 52 was the chapter of the ongoing saga of the DC Universe starting at Action Comics #1, Rebirth is the next chapter of that saga. You could launch a new book without an event, like Adam Strange. He then clarified that they're not doing Adam Strange. But Rebirth was important to Geoff, Hal Jordan and the whole Green Lantern Corps, in Green Lantern Rebirth, taking past and present to build to the future, and Sinestro Corps and Blackest Night, Flash Rebirth was incorporating the past of Barry, yet still using the other speedsters.

Geoff wanted to bring that energy on a big scale. They challenged me to make Booster Good or Aquaman cool, and I love a challenge. When Dan Didio offered me Teen Titans, people said I was doomed to failure, but it was a success. Geoff said that they needed to talk, and that DC is currently missing Legacy, which is a big part of what makes DC what it is.

See the special.Gary Frank doing first part of cover. Superman is reaching to touch a figure. Gary Frank, Ivan Reis, Phil Jimenez and Ethan Van Sciver , there might be a death of a character, the biggest secret in the DC Universe… Geoff laughs at realizing how he's overhyped and raised expectations for himself. But that he's ready to try and reach them.

Jim praises Geoff's efforts in everything, and reminds Geoff that he worked as an artist.  New character designs are being shown. Superman in a new outfit with a Red Belt. Batman's new costume. New female GL. A very cute Supergirl!  Which gets applause. A new Chinese superhero. Black Canary. A young Superboy. A Green Arrow with the goatee. Geoff pointed out that every good GA story has him with a goatee. And that Nightwing should have Black and Blue.Didio admits that he's had issues with Nightwing. (All in humor.)Going twice monthly on 17 books, and 14 comics. This is our commitment, bringing the price of our books down. So that people can afford the comics. $2.99 is the line again. We believe in our books, more books to be sold to more people.Fans and Pros talk about their favorite moments.Blackest Night.
Bryan Hitch loved Hush.
Fan: Greg Rucka WW
Greg Rucka admits 52 was his favorite.
Fan: Greg Rucka WW – Eye of the Gorgon.
Superman Man of Steel #1
Fan: Death of Superman

All-star Superman #6
Rob Williams – Starman.
Fan: New 52 Batman.
DKR Batman Superman funeral scene was Ben Affleck.

Tom King on Batman! James Tynion on Detective Comics. Tim Seeley on Nightwing. Hope Larson on Batgirl. Julie Benson and Shawns Benson on Batgirl and the Birds of Prey.

The Batman team is on stage. Geoff Johns is happy to see the new creators, asks Tom King to step into Batman.

Batman – David Finch and Mikel Janin on Art. Tom King writing.

King talks about how Snyder made Batman personal, and how he wants to do it. Tom King joked about being former CIA, and bringing that feeling of trying to get the bad guys but not let it take you over. What makes him sane and keeps him our sign for justice in the DCU.

James Tynion IV on Detective Comics. Eddy Barrows, Alvaro Martinez. Robin, Spoiler, Batwoman and Batman are on the cover. So is Clayface. Batman and Batwoman are running a Gotham Boot Camp. Tim Drake as ROBIN! Spoiler and Cassandra Cain. Clay Face… can't reveal his role, but Batwoman and Batman running the team.

Tim Seeley on Nightwing. Blue and Black! Javi Fernandez and Marcus To on art. Geoff points out that Grayson's run still is part of his continuity. Tim Seeley has Dick Grayson wondering if he needs a new mentor, and the book will introduce a new character named "Raptor." (I think that's what they said.) The first arc is called "Better than Batman."

Hope Larson on Batgirl. Rafael Albuquerque on the book. She loves the past run, and moving her to Asia on a backpacking trip. Bit of a training mission.

Julie Benson and Shawna Benson from the 100 TV show, with Claire Roe on Batgirl and the Birds of Prey. Babs isn't Oracle anymore, but someone is trying to impersonate her. Gets Dinah Drake and Huntress to team up to help track down the imposter. Huntress is back on her Mob vendetta. Yanick Paquette on covers. New Mafia boss, Snake Squad hiring metahumans in Gotham.

Elephant in the room is Scott Snyder, Jim Lee says. Jim is announced that Scott Snyder is here to announce his new book with John Romita Jr. All-Star Batman. Jim Lee is pissed that they've taken the name. Jock and Sean Murphy are also on the book, a twice monthly series by Scott Snyder.


Paul Pope, Afua Richardson, Tula Lotay, will also be joining. This is a jam session/anthology book which will do big Batman in-continuity stories featuring the best Batman villains with the best artists.

Starts shipping in August. Doesn't change the origins, but shows new directions on them, new visuals for some of them. JRJR talks about how they meet up in bars. JRJR says Hi to his mom, and asks her to send lasagna. JRJR says that being a cartoonist the most fun you can have with your clothes on. JRJR is happy to work on the best DC characters. Batman dragging Two-Face across the country, the two of them butting heads, this is the Scott Snyder story that he's working on. JRjr really loves working with Scott Snyder. This is going to be an insane plot with monster trucks and assassins.

Scott Snyder is now DC Exclusive.

Bat Family is excused, and the Superman and Wonder Woman creators.Dan Jurgens on Action Comics. Gene Yang on New Super-Man. Steve Orlando on Supergirl. Liam Sharp, artist of Wonder Woman.

Geoff Johns loves Dan Jurgens' work on Reign of the Supermen, how he expanded the mythos, which is the spirit of the Rebirth.In Action Comics cover, Lex Luthor is in a Superman power armor. Superman, Lois and Jon coming to Metropolis. This is the classic versions. Patrick Zircher is the first artist. Doomsday is here, but so is another Clark Kent. This Metropolis is now going to have a separate Clark and Superman. Lex is trying to put it all together. Geoff is also pointing out that this will tie to Rebirth. Someone is manipulating events.Gene Yang on New Super-Man. Viktor Bogdanovic, does a new cultural context of Chinese culture take on. 17 year old Kenji Kong grew up in Shanghai, like a real Metropolis, starts like a jerk, but is given Superman's powers which turns him into a hero slowly.

Steve Orlando is writing Supergirl. Met Geoff Johns and wanted to talk about Crimson Avenger, he loves the classic comics. We finally have a Supergirl book. Brian Ching is artist. September monthly. First of all, classic comics, enormous ideas, high scale heroism. Cyborg Superman on cover, her parents, and it looks like the comic is taking hints from the TV show. The art is cute. Cyborg Superman is her father, which surprises the crowd who hasn't been reading the recent comics. She is given a chance to return to her home, but will it be what she expected?

Apologies, Peter has tech issues. And he's back.

Nicola Scott and Liam Sharp on WW. Nicola Scott doing WW:YEAR One. Present day stories by Liam where Diana discovers inconsistencies in her life.

Trinity by Francis Manapul. Clay Mann other artist.

Superwoman – Phil Jimenez w/a. New character.

Superman creative team is Patrick Gleason w/a, Doug Manhke, Pete Tomasi w.
BRYAN hitch writes JL, with Tony Daniel and Fernando Pasarin on art.
Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz as GLS in that title.

Neil Googe and Carmine di Giandomenico on Flash with Joshua Williamson writing
New villain: Godspeed.
Robert Vendetti on GL and Corps
Ethan Van Sciver and Rafa Sandoval on art.

GLS features Simon and Jessica
Sam Humphries writes. ROBSON Rocha and Adrian Syaf on art. First villains, the Red Lanterns.
John Semper writing Cyborg
Will Conrad and Paul Pelletier on art. Book is about Soul. The concept of the singularity, where machine and man meet.
Dan Abnett writing Aquaman
Brad Walker is also writing and drawing.

Geoff is still doing Rise of the Seven Seas with Dan Abnett

Mera goes to the restaurant in Aquaman #1 and tries clam chowder for the first time.

Abnett is also on Titans with Brett Booth.

Titans Hunt is crucial to Rebirth.

Justice League #50,

Jason Fabok comes on stage to talk about the book. "It is going to blow your minds." That scene in JL 42… the question Batman asks. The Jokers real name… we will reveal it.


Many Jokers, of all classic varieties.

Suicide Squad

Amanda Conner on Harley Quinn. Palmiotti as well. Phillip Tan artist on Suicide Squad with Jim Lee on Rob Williams writing.

Chad Hardin John Timms on Art for HQ. Conner and Palmiotti still writing.

Killer Croc, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Boomerang, Katana on Suicide Squad roster. More to be revealed.

Amanda Conner Exclusive

Amanda Conner joked that now she's forced to draw at least three books.

Green Arrow, Ben Percy.
Scott lob dell on Red Hood.
Simon Oliver Morita on Constantine.
Priest on Deathstroke. Carlo Paulayuan on art.
Batman Beyond with Jurgens and bernard Chang
KEITH giffen on Blue Beetle. Both Jaime and Ted.
BEN Percy on Teen Titans. JON BOY MEYERS on art.

SUPER sons. JLA are both secret.

DC Special

Full cover of special, biggest secret to be revealed.

2.99 for 80 pages.

Zack Snyder. Gal Gadot. Ben Affleck. Henry Cavill. All want to read Rebirth.

A special lithograph signed by Jim Lee available to all who made it here.

This is Peter S. Svensson, and my laptop is dead.

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