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The Bob's Burgers Movie First Six Minutes Revealed at WonderCon 2022
Bob's Burgers creators and cast come together for this first look at The Bob's Burgers Movie, the Belcher family's jump to the big screen to a packed panel at WonderCon 2022 After being introduced himself, creator Loren Bouchard took the dais and mentions how happy he is to be back at a live con and[...]
MoonKnight, Mandos, and More: WonderCon 2022 Cosplay Day 2
WonderCon 2022 has made it to day two and hordes of cosplayers have descended upon the Anaheim Convention center in anticipation of this evenings world famous Masquerade contest It has been a long & somewhat scary road since the rise of COVID forced the entire world into lockdown, canceling everything, including Comic Conventions This year[...]
Kevin Smith Gets Emotional Discussing Bruce Willis at WonderCon 2022
Pop culture icon Kevin Smith (Netflix's Masters of the Universe: Revelation) got more than a little emotional during his "The Panel with Kevin Smith" panel at WonderCon 2022 last night The final panel of the day was billed as 'the world's worst Kevin Smith salesman tries to sell you on Kevin Smith as a person,[...]
WonderCon 2022 Day 1Cosplay Gallery
Cosplay is back! Like the swallows to Capistrano, just a few miles south, nerds and pop-culture enthusiasts have swarmed back to WonderCon 2022 It has been a long, somewhat scary, road since the rise of COVID-19 forced the entire world into lockdown, canceling everything, including Comic Conventions This year marks the first time since 2019[...]
All of the Funko WonderCon 2022 Exclusives Revealed 
The next set of Funko exclusives has been revealed as Funko gets ready for the upcoming WonderCon 2022 A nice set of Soda Vinyl and Pop Vinyl collectibles are coming our way with a love Hanna-Barbara, Disney, Marvel, and DC Comics WonderCon is not a big convention, so it is surprising to see a nice[...]
DC Comics Confirms DC Fandome Online Event For 2021
And it also replaced DC Comics having a big presence in any of the online comic conventions organised by Reed POP Expo or Comic-Con International. DC Comics Confirms DC Fandome Online Event For 16th October 2021 The presumption is that this will be the same for 2021, even as big comic book conventions like C2E2, San Diego,[...]
Exclusive Funko Pop Vinyls Releasing For WonderCon 2021
WonderCon would be the newest convention that fans would be getting ready, but the physical event has been canceled However, the fun for the con does not end there as Funko continues the trend of making their own virtual convention Taking place between April 21st, 2021, and April 23rd, 2021, funatics will be ready for[...]
Are You The Toys R Us Employee That Made Todd McFarlane Who He Is?
 Then, you go, "Hey, let's get some more licenses."  We've been going ever since. And even to Bleeding Cool's Ian Melton, At McFarlane's first Toy Fair he had next to nothing to show, not one fully done "action figure", but the assistant of the buyer for Toys R' Us had talked up McFarlane so much that the[...]
WonderCon 2021 Officially Goes Virtual
WonderCon announced today that they are officially going digital with events on March 26th and 27th. 2020 was a difficult year all around For the first time in the history of our organization, we were unable to have in-person events for WonderCon or Comic-Con We have hoped that by now, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic might have[...]
Comic con bags, as material for new accessories.
Many people would have been setting off to Wondercon in Anaheim today However, the famous comic convention cancelled last month, leaving folk with airfares and hotel rooms that would be very silly to use now One such regular attendee is our very good friend Pam Noles Three years ago, Bleeding Cool ran an article on[...]
This time Anaheim's WonderCon was the next convention to postpone their launch so it's time for another virtual con! Funko announced that they will be doing a Virtual Con 2.0 and if you forgot it starts tomorrow With the convention there comes Funko Exclusive collectibles and they are set to go live tomorrow. That's right tomorrow[...]
We finally got to see all of the WonderCon exclusives from some classic Funko Pops to new Funko Soda figures Most of the time we don't get to see what collectibles are getting a shared release until days before This time things are a little different as WonderCon has been postponed and a Virtual Con[...]
Funko was planning on attending WonderCon this year and unfortunately, it has been postponed However, that will not stop Funko as they are planning on a second virtual con to celebrate this convention wit the fans This is the first time we are actually getting exclusives out of this con and we have already seen[...]
Funko Announces Exclusives Pop for WonderCon Part 1
This is great news for sticker collectors as these new figures will be sporting the WonderCon sticker on the packaging Enough of this talk and let us dive right on into the first set of exclusives announced First up is new Disney and Pixar Pops are heading our way This time we are getting the[...]
Open-Air Atomi-Con, Announced To Replace WonderCon in April
Earlier today, Bleeding Cool ran the news that Comic-Con International had cancelled April's WonderCon in Anaheim No sooner had the word dropped that Mike Wellman of Atomic Basement in Los Angeles has picked up the baton and is running with it. He has just announced Atomi-Con A few miles north of Anaheim, to be held in the[...]