Comic con bags, as material for new accessories.

Transforming Comic Con Bags For Everyday Use

Many people would have been setting off to Wondercon in Anaheim today However, the famous comic convention cancelled last month, leaving folk with airfares and hotel rooms that would be very silly to use now One such regular attendee is our very good friend Pam Noles Three years ago, Bleeding Cool ran an article on[...]


Funko Virtual Con 2.0 Begins Tomorrow With Streams and Exclusives

This time Anaheim’s WonderCon was the next convention to postpone their launch so it’s time for another virtual con! Funko announced that they will be doing a Virtual Con 2.0 and if you forgot it starts tomorrow With the convention there comes Funko Exclusive collectibles and they are set to go live tomorrow. That’s right tomorrow[...]


Funko WonderCon Exclusives and Where to Find Them

We finally got to see all of the WonderCon exclusives from some classic Funko Pops to new Funko Soda figures Most of the time we don’t get to see what collectibles are getting a shared release until days before This time things are a little different as WonderCon has been postponed and a Virtual Con[...]


More Funko Soda Headed Our Way from WonderCon

Funko was planning on attending WonderCon this year and unfortunately, it has been postponed However, that will not stop Funko as they are planning on a second virtual con to celebrate this convention wit the fans This is the first time we are actually getting exclusives out of this con and we have already seen[...]

Funko Announces Exclusives Pop for WonderCon Part 1

Funko Announces Exclusives Pop for WonderCon Part 1

This is great news for sticker collectors as these new figures will be sporting the WonderCon sticker on the packaging Enough of this talk and let us dive right on into the first set of exclusives announced First up is new Disney and Pixar Pops are heading our way This time we are getting the[...]

Open-Air Atomi-Con, Announced To Replace WonderCon in April

Earlier today, Bleeding Cool ran the news that Comic-Con International had cancelled April's WonderCon in Anaheim No sooner had the word dropped that Mike Wellman of Atomic Basement in Los Angeles has picked up the baton and is running with it.He has just announced Atomi-Con A few miles north of Anaheim, to be held in the[...]

Comic-Con Museum Cancels All Events Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Comic-Con Museum Cancels All Events Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Comic-Con Museum, a subsidiary of the nonprofit organization that also runs San Diego Comic-Con and WonderCon, has announced that, following the recommendation of the California Department of Public Health, they will cancel all upcoming events to be rescheduled at a later date That includes Pop Culture Science: The Science of Get Out, originally scheduled to[...]

Brave BOOM! Studios Announces Plans for WonderCon

Brave BOOM! Studios Announces Plans for WonderCon

BOOM! is pressing forward, announcing plans to exhibit at the next big comic on, April's WonderCon In addition to holding a panel on Saturday, April 11th, BOOM! will also have creators signing at their booth all weekend (hopefully with a liberal supply of hand sanitizer).Check out the press release with BOOM!'s full schedule below. LOS ANGELES,[...]

Cloak & Dagger Season 2: Lahana Talks Mayhem/ O'Reilly, More (VIDEO)

'Marvel's Cloak & Dagger' Season 2: Emma Lahana Talks Mayhem/ O'Reilly, More [VIDEO]

Following up on our interview with Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph at WonderCon 2019, the amazing Emma Lahana (Haven, Afterparty) graced us with her time for a round-table interview to discuss what fans can expect for the second season.To start, Lahana opens up about the huge change in her character, explaining the mysterious Mayhem/ O’Reilly dichotomy:"There[...]

'Cobra Kai' Season 2: Official Trailer Teases Daniel/Johnny Smackdown [

'Cobra Kai' Season 2 Official Trailer Teases Daniel/Johnny Smackdown [TRAILER]

With less than a month to go before YouTube Originals' Cobra Kai returns for its sophomore season on April 24th, and after a steady stream of behind-the-scenes featurettes, teasers, and teasing from Jon Hurwitz, Josh Heald, and Hayden Schlossberg (as well as series co-stars Ralph Macchio and William Zabka), the Karate Kid sequel series now has an official […]

Lumberjanes is 5 Years Old, but They Brought the Presents – Wondercon Panel

Lumberjanes is Five Years Old and They Brought Presents to WonderCon!

I don’t think I fall into what would be the expected demographic for Lumberjanes, lucky for me though I don’t care as I have been on board with all the Janes since issue one and I was extremely excited to attend the Lumberjanes 5 year anniversary celebration panel at WonderCon 2019.Tracy Brown, writer for the[...]