DC Universe: Rebirth #1 Will Be Geoff Johns' Last Comic For Quite Some Time

Next week sees the publication of the much anticipated DC Universe: Rebirth #1 by Geoff Johns and friends. It will also be the last comic Geoff Johns writes for some time. He has no title lined up for DC Rebirth, and that included what some may have expected of a Justice Society of America title. […]

The First Mention Of Justice Society In Earth 2?

In Earth 2, you don't mention the Justice Society. That is not their name. The comic book that launched during the New 52, recreated the idea of the Justice Society Of America in a parallel world, and now goes by the name Earth 2: Society. But it has been teased that the JSA are returning. […]

Swipe File: That Captain America Image By Rob Liefeld

This is one of the most famous images by Rob Liefeld. It may also be one of the most mocked. Created for Heroes Reborn, it has been parodied for the prominence and size of Cap's chest the position of his stomach and the placement of his arms. However, could it have had its origins elsewhere? […]

Batman's Plan To Take Down The Trinity – Francis Manapul Talks DC Rebirth

Francis Manapul is writing and drawing the upcoming Trinity series for DC Comics. And as part of the DC Rebirth Previews, he describes how he sees the three… BATMAN "Bruce is apprehensive about everyone and likes to play the part of a loner, but even he understands the value of friends…This doesn't mean he doesn't […]

Meet The Pupils Of Detective Comics, More Details From DC Rebirth

Editor of Detective Comics, Chris Conroy, delineates Batman and Batwoman's "pupils" in this new series, in the DC Rebirth Previews. RED ROBIN: aka The Dropout "Red Robin [Tim Drake] always kept Batman at arm's length, trying to forge his own road, but he's at a crossroads in terms of what he wants to do with his life, […]

Who Is The New Oracle In Batgirl & The Birds Of Prey – More DC Rebirth Details

So why are the Birds Of Prey pback together in DC Rebirth? A mysterious new criminal operative called Oracle has declared war on Gotham, so naturally, Babs Gordon —aka super-cyber hero Oracle in a previous guise–takes exception to someone smearing her legacy. As sibling co-writers Julie and Shawna Benson explain. "The book isn't called BATGIRL […]

Batgirl Turns From Burnside To Jack Kerouac – More DC Rebirth Details

While in the Batgirl solo title, Barbara Gordon is on a road trip. Having just (barely!) survived the Battle of Burnside and verging on an Arkham-worthy break­down, the star pulls a Kerouac and gets on the road to find herself. "She needs to get away from it all to center her­self again," Editor Mark Doyle […]

Ten Thoughts About DC Rebirth Revelations, Yesterday

It is possible I went a little overboard last night. Anyway, we had a run through this week's DC Rebirth Previews. Here are a few standout observations. 1) As teased in the current issues, Superman appears to have died (again) – or at least lost all his powers (again) in battle with Lex Luthor, and […]

Bleeding Cool Sees The Back Of DC Comics Rebirth – And The Return Of The JSA

Bleeding Cool were the first to show you what the front cover of this week's DC Comics Previews would look like… Well now we get to show you what the back cover looks like. Note the Justice Society Of America and a Eighties-style Justice League Of America, red trunked Superman and all… but with Cyborg. […]

A Final DC Rebirth Word From Dan DiDio

A final word from Dan DiDio from the DC Rebirth Previews…. He's just outdone the The Outhousers and Dennis Barger. Goodnight all. See you tomorrow. Read more on Bleeding Cool's DC Rebirth coverage here.

New Artwork Commissioned For Titans? More DC Rebirth

Detauls on the new Titans series spill out of this weeks DC Rebirth After-hours meetings, editors standing guard over whirring printers, hushed hallway chatter…something big is happening in TITANS #1. Pressed for details, Assistant Editor Brittany Holzherr waved us off with a smirk: "Go talk to Alex." So, we cornered TITANS editor Alex Antone next. […]

Cyborg Faces A 404 Error In DC Rebirth

From this week's DC Previews… The hard-wired hero CYBORG faces a fatal system crash over his latest identity crisis: Is he truly more dead than alive? When your own father doesn't recognize you anymore you have to start questioning your identity. That's the 404 error facing Vic Stone whose cybernetic implants and upgrades have very stripped away his […]