When Kitty Pryde Picked Up The Idiot Ball

There's a phrase I've mostly heard screenwriters for television use, the "idiot ball", where in order to make a plot work in the the time you have, one of your characters, previously established as being intelligent, has to be an idiot for a few pages. They have to hold the "idiot ball", before dropping it or passing it on.

Often criticized, it can be justified by necessity, and sometimes highlighted to make a point. And reflected in that we all, from time to time, do or say stupid things.

But I'm not sure what role it's playing in last week's All New X-Men, with Kitty Pryde.


Why would the Shi'Ar do what?


Yes, why would the Shi'Ar take Jean?

I mean, she may have stopped Cassandra Nova from possessing Lilandra and causing the Shi'ar Civil War, but Shi'ar continue to want her, in whatever form she takes these days, dead. You know, due to Phoenix stuff. mass murder and genocide, end of the universe whatsits. They've killed her family, and they've attacked her repeatedly in her adult form in a very public fashion.

And here they get a chance to deal with Jean Grey before she becomes the Phoenix.

Yes, Kitty Pryde, absolute genius and one of the cleverest people on the planet, why would the Shi'ar want Jean Grey?

Oh, pass the idiot ball to Bobby Drake, he's been juggling it for years.

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