Who Is Leviathan? And What Might It Have To Do With Sherlock? (POSSIBLY MAJOR SPOILERS)

Event Leviathan is the big upcoming event from Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev coming from DC Comics and spinning out across the Superman books, and launching new Lois Lane and Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen series, and all part of the DC's Year Of The Villain uber-event. And much has been made of this new Leviathan, different to Talia Ghul's Leviathan of old. And one central figure with a bit of a crustacean-style face mask under a hood leading the charged to take down the big agency bodies of the DC Universe, take them over and reincorporate them as… Leviathan.

Who Is Leviathan? And What Might It Have To Do With Sherlock? (SPOILERS)But who is Leviathan?

Well, I don't know. There has been an early stab in the 25 cent DC's Year Of The Villain #1 that it might be Jason Todd, the Red Hood But this is  deliberate red herring. Instead I have been told to look to an episode of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss' Sherlock for the BBC.

Specifically the episode The Six Thatchers, which feels appropriate on the day that Theresa May announces her resignation as Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Here's a Wikipedia synopsis of that episode. Feel free to make whatever comparisons or judgements you wish..

Sherlock investigates a case in which the son of a Conservative cabinet minister is found dead in a car crash, despite seemingly being on a gap year in Tibet. Sherlock quickly solves the case, but is distracted by a missing bust of Margaret Thatcher at the victim's home, discovering that it was stolen and smashed upon the front porch. Four other identical busts are smashed and upon encountering and fighting the culprit, Sherlock discovers that the last bust contains a memory stick with information about Mary and her past as a government agent. The culprit, a former teammate, seeks revenge in the belief that Mary betrayed him. Upon being questioned by Sherlock, Mary explains that she was part of a freelance task force named 'A.G.R.A.', derived from the members' names, Mary being 'R' for Rosamund (her real name) and 'A', her pursuer, Ajay (Sacha Dhawan). All members had a memory stick containing data on each other, in the event that one was betrayed. Six years prior, a rescue mission of hostages at the British embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia went wrong when a coup d'état (set off by a code word "Ammo") resulted in the presumed death of all A.G.R.A agents, save Mary. Sherlock tries to persuade Mary to not go after Ajay. Feigning agreement, Mary knocks Sherlock out with a drugged letter and escapes.

Mary travels across the world following a random path to cover her tracks. However, Sherlock and John find her in Morocco, having placed a tracking device on the memory stick, but so does Ajay. Ajay says that he was captured by the terrorists, but not before hiding his memory stick in one of the Thatcher busts which he intended to recover to track Mary, whom he blames for his capture. During his torture, Ajay heard whispers of "Ammo" and "the English woman" being the reason for the failure of the mission. Ajay attempts to kill the trio but is shot by police. They reflect on the events and realise that Ajay was working on the assumption that "the English woman" was Mary.

Sherlock calls Mycroft and explains that 'Ammo' is actually Amo, the Latin word for "I love". Lady Smallwood, whose codename is Love, is then questioned by Mycroft, but she proves to have no information about the coup. Sherlock later pieces the final part of the puzzle together when he recalls Mary mentioning the ability of receptionists to pick up and gather all kinds of information. He meets Smallwood's secretary Vivian Norbury in the London Aquarium. When the police and Mary arrive, Vivian reveals that she tipped the terrorists off in Georgia, using the code "Amo", on the rescue so that the hostages as well as 'A.G.R.A.' could be eliminated. Her motive was to kill the British ambassador who had found out that Vivian had sold national secrets. Vivian pulls a gun out and shoots at Sherlock, but Mary jumps in the way, taking the bullet. John arrives in time and Mary professes her love for being 'Mary Watson', before dying in his arms. As Sherlock had vowed to protect her, this creates a rift between him and John.

After Vivian's arrest, Mycroft returns home to find a sticky note reading "13th" on his fridge – he immediately picks the phone up and asks to be put through to "Sherrinford". Sherlock visits John's therapist but is reluctant to converse. Returning to Baker Street, Sherlock and Mrs. Hudson lament the loss. Sherlock opens a parcel containing a DVD with a posthumous message from Mary, in which she instructs him to 'Save John Watson'. He then goes to John's flat to offer him help but Molly opens the door with Rosie in her arms and gives Sherlock a letter from John, telling him that John wishes for anyone's help but Sherlock's. Returning to the story of the merchant, Sherlock concludes that death is inevitable but ponders if the circumstances are avoidable.

I think I can see what they are suggesting… can you?







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