Whose Trademarks Are DC Comics Opposing Now? Black Rock To Buttman

We haven't done this since last August, but it can often expose the thoughts, priorities, and plans for a company such as DC Comics going forward. Trademarks only remain trademarks if a company defends them when they believe they are challenged. And they challenge the ones that mean the most. Foirst, hear are the ongoing trademark oppositions.

Whose Trademarks Are DC Comics Opposing Now? Black Rock To Buttman
Whose Trademarks Are DC Comics Opposing Now? Black Rock To Buttman
  • Black Rock Coffee Bar of Portland, Oregon for trademarking Black Rock Coffee for "On-line retail store services featuring coffee beans; Retail store services featuring coffee, tea, espresso, coffee-based beverages, espresso-based beverages, tea-based beverages, cocoa, roasted coffee beans, ground coffee beans, baked goods, namely, pastries, muffins, scones, rolls, biscuits, cookies, bagels, and sandwiches" That flash looks too much more like The Flash, I guess.
  • Procreate Brands of Ferndale, Washington, for trademarking Bathmobiles for "Toy cars."
  • Super Business Girl of Detroit, Michigan for trademarking Super Business Girl for "Candles; Scented candles."
  • Gotham West Studios of New York, New York for trademarking Gotham West for "Entertainment media production services for motion pictures, television and Internet."
  • Kenneth Clark of San Jose, California, for trademarking Man Of Steel PDR for "Auto body repair services in the nature of paintless dent removal"
  • Natalie Maniscalco of Mahwah, New Jersey  for trademarking Wonder Girls for "Educational services, namely, after school programs for high school girls to build leadership skills, confidence, and business skills."
  • Star Network Technology of Kunming, Yunnan, China for trademarking Supr Flash Coffee for "Coffee; Coffee beverages with milk; Coffee capsules, filled; Coffee drinks; Coffee extracts in the form of powder for use as substitutes for coffee; Flowers or leaves for use as tea substitutes; Fondants; Pralines; Tea; Unroasted coffee."
  • Aurum Management of Charlestown, Nevis, West Indies, for trademarking Flash for software products, services and messaging. However, DC Comics has successfully beaten an opposition to its own trademark, courtesy of Flash Industrias in Nuevo León in Mexico, who make the Household liquid floor cleaner of the same name. But only by DC Comics having to remove "liquid and powder detergent soap; fabric softener; deodorant soap, skin soap; toothpaste, mouthwash; shampoo; hair conditioner; styling gels; styling lotions; bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use, namely, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, stain removers for clothing, laundry starch; and room fragrances; in International Class 3" from their trademark application. Sorry, DC Comics, no more Flash styling lotion from you.

A number of other trademark holders have abandoned their claim rather than go up against Warner Bros.

Whose Trademarks Are DC Comics Opposing Now? Black Rock To Buttman
Whose Trademarks Are DC Comics Opposing Now? Black Rock To Buttman
  • SuperWomanInc of Selma, Alabama, for trademarking "Charitable services, namely, facilitating administrative coordination among charitable organizations; Promoting the charitable giving of others, namely, tracking and publicizing charitable donations and random acts of kindness; Developing and coordinating volunteer projects for charitable organizations; Charitable services, namely, organizing and conducting volunteer programs and community service projects"
  • Andre Griggs of Scottsdale, Arizona for trademarking "Restorative Justice League" for "Education services, namely, training educators in the field of youth development, prevention leadership invention and equity practices and providing curricula in connection therewith" – now abandoned.
  • Sinthetic Reality of Kingman, Arizona for "Super Hardman" for printed manga comic books" – now abandoned.
  • Shenzhen Krypton Technology, of Shanxi, China for trademarking the term Krypton for their own products.
  • And we saved the best to last, Faith Vasquez of Vero Beach, Florida, who was trademarking Buttman for "special event planning for social entertainment purposes."
Whose Trademarks Are DC Comics Opposing Now? Black Rock To Buttman
Whose Trademarks Are DC Comics Opposing Now? Black Rock To Buttman

Sorry, Faith, you'll have to find a different way to brand your special events than a DC knockoff. Love to know what genius designed the logo though.

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